332 Fall of the White Lotus

With a few simple words, Nan Ningxin once again turned Gu Bailu into a vicious person, who intentionally summoned Yin Neng in the middle of the 9,999 Spring Harbingers to humiliate Nan Nan Ningxin.

But Gu Bailu wasn’t fooled. She was too lazy to explain why she summoned Yin Neng.

After all, it was a fact that Nan Ningxin had lost her virginity, and people were beginning to accept that she had lost it to Yin Neng.

“Miss Nan, you don’t need to know why. All you need to know is that Yin Neng, another man who is capable, was there when you lost your virginity. Let’s ask the emperor to make a ruling. Anyway, my husband can’t be wronged.”

Lady Murong suddenly stood up. “No, we can’t trouble His Majesty with such a petty matter.”

Gu Bailu turned grave. “Then what do you want, Lady Murong? My husband entrusted me to deal with this, and he’ll be angry if I don’t handle it well.”

The Murong family might be awesome, but it wasn’t as awesome as Prince Zi.

If you want to blame this on Prince Zi, you better make sure you can suppress him first.

Nan Ningxin closed her eyes and fell on Lady Murong, passing out.

Gu Bailu asked in concern, “What’s wrong, Miss Nan? You mustn’t die of fury. Though Yin Neng is ugly, he’s still a man, and unlike my husband, he’s definitely virile with you.”

While talking, Gu Bailu pinched Nan Ningxin hard to wake her up.

By the time Lady Murong shook her hand off, a dark mark had been left on Nan Ningxin’s skin.

“Princess Zi, you better take your people back first. Ningxin can’t take the stimulation.”

Gu Bailu hesitated. “I don’t think I can. The problem isn’t solved yet. I’m really here to solve the problem.”

“How can the problem be solved? She already passed out.” Lady Murong practically wanted to kick Gu Bailu out of her house.

“You must be kidding, my lady. Miss Nan is too strong to pass out because of such a minor thing. Is there something wrong with her body?”

Lady Murong roared, “What are you talking about? Get out!”

After that, she carried Nan Ningxin away.

Gu Bailu looked at Yin Neng apologetically. “Sorry that I didn’t get a wife for you, but just wait. She’ll be yours sooner or later.”

Gu Bailu didn’t keep her voice down, and everybody else in the hall heard it.

They felt queasy when they imagined how such a crappy old man had slept with such a young and beautiful girl like Miss Murong.

Gu Bailu left the Murong family house with the ladies and misses.

“You have to defend Prince Zi for me. He has never touched another woman. If the blame is pinned on him, I’ll definitely appeal to His Majesty,” said Gu Bailu half-threateningly.

The ladies and misses nodded quickly. “Of course we will.”

Gu Bailu was implying that they might be executed by the emperor if they said anything unwise.

Besides, Prince Zi was truly impotent. If he had been the only man back there, he could’ve been blamed for it.

However, there had been another man, a crappy old one who had been imprisoned for a hundred years.

It was possible that he lost control of himself when he saw the unconscious Miss Murong.