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“I’ll beat you up if you keep talking. Let’s see how charming you can be then.” Gu Bailu increased her strength.

Murong Huangtang shrugged. “Let’s go, then. If you aren’t scared of being hunted, why would I be?”

“To the Woods of God’s Tears. Lead the way.”

Gu Bailu pushed him into a carriage and got on with Ah Luo.

Murong Huangtang had never been threatened by a woman before, much less one everyone despised.

She had even messed up his hair. He laughed in anger. “Who exactly are you relying on?”

General Gu had never considered his daughter important.

A loser who was born without a spirit root was certainly a great humiliation to the household.

If he hadn’t had another daughter who was talented in spiritual power, he would’ve been the butt of ridicule.

Prince Zi?

That was a temperamental, nonchalant jerk. Why would he protect her?

Even though she was the only woman who could get near him, so what? She didn’t have a spirit root to help him in his cultivation.

“Do I need to rely on anyone? You need to reflect on yourself more. Are you even a brother when you don’t care about your sister’s life?”

Murong Huangtang’s lips twitched. “I never planned to be a good brother.”

“I can see that.” Gu Bailu sneered. “What about the heir of the Murong family? You don’t want to be that, either?”

“Are you threatening me?” Murong Huangtang raised his eyebrow.

“I don’t have time for that, but other people might.”

“Who would be so bold?”

“You’ll know soon enough.”

After an hour, the carriage reached the Woods of God’s Tears.

The trees in the Woods of God’s Tears rose high into the sky.

Sunlight trickled in through the branches. The air carried the stench of blood.

There were plenty of materials here that cultivators needed, and they often fought over them.

The most ferocious animals were inside the Woods of God’s Tears. Their cores were the best supplements for training. However, not everybody dared to go so deep into the woods.

“You dare to come here?” Murong Huangtang was surprised.

The loser actually had the courage to enter the Woods of God’s Tears. Did she think that her tricks still worked here?

Too many cultivators had entered the Woods of God’s Tears, never to return.

“Why not? Even the animals will be awed by my beauty.”

Gu Bailu led the way.

What bizarre confidence! Murong Huangtang followed her. “For the record, I won’t help you if we run into danger.”

Ah Luo protested, “I’m here for my lady. I’ll kill whoever wants to harm her.”

“Good girl, Ah Luo. I’ll pick your favorite bubble fruit for you later.”

“Great. I like bubble fruits the best.” Ah Luo’s eyes glittered.

Murong Huangtang glanced at Ah Luo. Did the stupid girl have any brains?

They were truly a pitiful team. One was useless, and the other was stupid.

3However, the two of them didn’t feel that was the case at all.

“Where are you leading me? Even if Lanyi was truly killed in the Woods of God’s Tears, it’s impossible to find the body now.”

“We’re not looking for the body. I’m leading you to her.”

“You said she’s dead, and you’re now leading me to her?”

“Who says you can’t meet a person after they’ve died?” Gu Bailu looked at him matter-of-factly.

Fine. Whatever you say.