327 The White Lotus“s Decision

“This incident concerns my husband’s reputation, so we have to uncover the truth. Why don’t we go to the Murong family house together with Miss Nan so that you can be eyewitnesses to the investigation?”

“Al- alright.”

The ladies and misses were certainly delighted to be able to witness the outcome of this drama.

Also, not everybody could go to the Murong family’s house, but they could at Princess Zi’s invitation.

Nan Ningxin flushed with fury, but she couldn’t refuse them.

So, she had to let the women follow her to the Murong family house.

Receiving the report, Lady Murong came in a hurry and sat down in the hall. “Prince Zi is really an impetuous man. How did this happen?”

Nan Ningxin lowered her head, as if she had just been raped. “I really don’t know. I fainted.”

Gu Bailu chimed in, “My lady, Miss Nan keeps saying that she doesn’t know what happened, but when we found her, her clothes were messy and there were scratches on her. This incident took place in Prince Zi’s house, and I certainly don’t want my husband to be blamed for it. So, we have to figure out the truth.”

Lady Murong said solemnly, “Of course we’ll uncover the truth. Since there weren’t any other men in the vault, it could’ve only been done by Prince Zi. Where is he?”

“My lady, my husband was worried about me and might have mistaken someone else for me. He asked me to deal with this on his behalf,” said Gu Bailu calmly.

Lady Murong looked at her. “You…”

She had thought that Nan Ningxin would become Princess Zi, and had been raising her toward that goal.

She was pleased that her granddaughter was a perfect match for Prince Zi in terms of looks and spiritual power.

However, another woman who wasn’t nearly as good as her granddaughter jumped out of nowhere and won Prince Zi’s favor, stealing the position of Princess Zi.

Moreover, that woman was a piece of garbage who didn’t have the slightest bit of spiritual power.

Lady Murong remembered that Gu Bailu was that bold girl who had challenged her previously.

It had been years since anyone disrespected her like that, so the girl had left a deep impression on her.

The girl turned out to be the woman who had captivated Prince Zi, but Lady Murong couldn’t see how.

“Yes, Lady Murong, I’m the current Princess Zi. We better uncover the truth.”

Lady Murong looked at her sharply. “If Prince Zi did do it, how will you react?”

“I’ll ask my husband to marry her, of course. Miss Nan’s identity is too noble for her to be a concubine. She can be another wife,” said Gu Bailu generously.

She could also put on an act, except that she had never done so in her life because she despised pretentiousness.

Thinking for a moment, Lady Murong looked at Nan Ningxin. “Nan Ningxin, you really don’t know anything?”

Nan Ningxin shook her head helplessly. “Grandmother, I don’t even know how I passed out. Something’s wrong with the 9,999 Spring Harbingers.”

Lady Murong pulled Nan Ningxin closer and asked in a low voice, “You didn’t feel anything?”

Blushing, Nan Ningxin said shyly, “I… I felt Prince Zi nearby…”

“But he has always kept a distance from you because of his disease, hasn’t he? Why all of a sudden…”

“Something’s wrong with the 9,999 Spring Harbingers. They seem to be hallucinogenic.”

“I didn’t know that.” Lady Murong was surprised. She had never known that the 9,999 Spring Harbingers were hallucinogenic.