326 Ask a Midwife to Examine Her

Nan Ningxin wept so pitifully that one of the ladies said, “Let’s send Miss Murong to a room so that she can clean herself up.”

Gu Bailu nodded. “You’re right. While she’s there, we can ask a midwife to examine her and see if she was injured.”

Everybody realized that Gu Bailu was implying that they would check if Nan Ningxin’s virginity was still intact.

Getting up in tears, Nan Ningxin said, “No… Don’t touch me. I… I want to go home.”

She looked at Feng Qingtian poignantly and helplessly, as if she was accusing Feng Qingtian of not admitting to what he had done.

Smiling coldly, Feng Qingtian said to Gu Bailu, “You deal with this. I have other business to attend to.”

He turned around after saying that.

Since he had regarded Nan Ningxin as his former lover for a long time, he couldn’t bear to expose her in front of everyone.

However, what Nan Ningxin had done made him realize that she wasn’t the person he used to love.

Even if she was, her soul had become completely different.

“Prince Zi…” Nan Ningxin, however, rushed to him and shouted, “Prince Zi, how can you leave? You can’t let her be mean to me…”

Feng Qingtian turned around and glared at her. “You seem to have forgotten what I said.”

“What… What did you say?” Nan Ningxin’s eyes were full of pitiful tears.

However, Feng Qingtian, the only man in this place, had no pity for women at all.

“If my wife is mean to you, you better deal with it.” Feng Qingtian left after saying that, his robe fluttering dismissively in the wind.

Nan Ningxin gritted her teeth and swallowed her fury. This man wouldn’t help her after all the things she had done for him?

He claimed that he would help her and wouldn’t allow anyone to bully her.

But it turned out to be a privilege only for the woman he loved.

No… she wouldn’t give up. He was hers. She would get him, whatever it took.

Gu Bailu snorted. “Miss Nan, if you’re going home, you can ask Lady Murong to help you out. If you did suffer a loss, Prince Zi will definitely take responsibility. Someone, escort Miss Nan back to the Murong family house.”

The Ye guards soon arrived and gestured at Nan Ningxin to leave.

Nan Ningxin looked at Gu Bailu viciously. “You know very well what happened inside the fog. I passed out.”

“I did hear strange noises from you, Miss Nan, but I was too focused on the race to check it out.”

Nan Ningxin clenched her fists. Had Gu Bailu really seen her do something ugly when she was dreaming just now?

“I’m going home.” Nan Ningxin left, followed by the Ye guards.

Gu Bailu said to the ladies and misses, “If my husband really did it, I’ll make sure that he takes responsibility for her, but only if it’s confirmed that my husband did have sex with her. You know that my husband never touched Miss Nan when they were together for years. It’s rather hard to believe that his attitude can suddenly change.”

The ladies and misses nodded in agreement. They all knew that Prince Zi had kept a distance from Nan Ningxin even when they were at their closest. Why would he suddenly touch Nan Ningxin now?

Didn’t they say that Prince Zi couldn’t touch any woman other than Princess Zi?