Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 322 - Subduing the Night Lotus

322 Subduing the Night Lotus 5

In Gu Bailu’s eyes, saying that it couldn’t meet outsiders was just the Night Lotus’s excuse.

In this life-or-death moment, the Night Lotus certainly hadn’t hesitated to talk to her.

“Because you look like my master,” said the Night Lotus matter-of-factly.

Gu Bailu’s face twitched. The same reason again.

“Then, the person who looks like your master is ordering you to see Lady Murong. Will you listen to her or not?”

Since it said that she looked like its master, she might as well act like it.

The Night Lotus said pitifully, “My master is never so mean. She never commands me, either. She’s very nice to me.”

Gu Bailu sweated hard… Why did she feel like the Night Lotus was insinuating something?

It wasn’t stupid at all!

“Your master is now angry because of your disobedience,” said Gu Bailu coldly.

The Night Lotus felt like crying. This woman who looked like its master was so mean.

However, it liked the familiar scent that was coming off her.

“But outsiders cannot see me.”

“Well… You can simply talk to them then.”

“They cannot hear me either…” The Night Lotus wasn’t fond of communicating with outsiders.

Gu Bailu realized that she could hear the Night Lotus only because of her Heavenly Eye.

Then, how could she let Lady Murong know of Nan Ningxin’s viciousness?

“I’ve got my ways. Just tell them later what you saw.”


“Watch Nan Ningxin closely and remember what she does and whom she meets. We’ll talk again.” Gu Bailu closed her Heavenly Eye and opened her normal eyes.

“Lulu! What’s going on?” Feng Qingtian shouted anxiously.

He never knew how incapable he was until this moment, when he couldn’t save the person he loved most at all.

Opening her eyes, Gu Bailu looked at him and grinned. “I’m fine. It’s an even match. It’s pointless to continue fighting.”

Gu Bailu withdrew the star she cast earlier, and the Night Lotus returned to Nan Ningxin’s neck.

Feng Qingtian was dumbfounded. What had happened?

Why was the Night Lotus so obedient?

It stopped fighting when Gu Bailu told it to stop?

But he had no time to think about that now. He rushed to Gu Bailu and hugged her. “You’re as reckless as ever. Why did you get into a conflict with the Night Lotus? You could’ve been killed!”

Gu Bailu lay weakly in his arms, exhausted after the battle.

“I said I would be fine. The Night Lotus is just an object even though it has enormous spiritual power. You also have enormous spiritual power, but I subdued you too, didn’t I?” Gu Bailu said shamelessly.

Both angry and amused, Feng Qingtian spanked her and said, “You’re forbidden from meeting with Nan Ningxin again.”

“No!” Gu Bailu was shocked. “N- no! I won’t fight her again. You can’t stop me from seeing her.”

“You can see her when you’re strong enough.”

This time, Gu Bailu had tricked Nan Ningxin by luring her into the center of the 9,999 Spring Harbingers, where she was drugged and her soul left her body.

But Nan Ningxin certainly wouldn’t be deceived again.

Gu Bailu clearly couldn’t defeat Nan Ningxin with her current level of strength.

“I’m not weak. Even the Night Lotus listened to me. Look, it stopped fighting when I told it to.”

“Really?” Feng Qingtian wasn’t entirely convinced, but he had seen what happened just now.

Gu Bailu blinked. “Of course. I defeated it fair and square.”