Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 320

320 Subduing the Night Lotus 3

Gu Bailu looked around as she searched for the source of the childish voice. Why would someone else be in the world of her Heavenly Eye?

“It hurts! Please let go of me! I was wrong!” The cute cries of a child softened Gu Bailu’s heart.

She looked at the Night Lotus and asked, “Were you talking?”

She didn’t know that the Night Lotus could talk.

“Please stop burning me. It’s painful.” The Night Lotus sounded like a crying boy, but Gu Bailu wouldn’t be tricked.

“Just hold it in even if it hurts. You should’ve seen this coming when you betrayed me.”

Did the Night Lotus think that she would feel sorry for it when it pretended to be a boy?

Whoever helped Nan Ningxin deserved to be punished.

If Nan Ningxin didn’t have the Night Lotus’s endorsement, she wouldn’t have dared to pretend to be Feng Qingtian’s former lover.

Without the Night Lotus, Nan Ningxin wouldn’t be so strong either.

If Nan Ningxin was a murderer, the Night Lotus was her murder weapon.

“I didn’t betray anyone… Please stop burning me…”

The Night Lotus rolled around on the ground. With its cute and lovely voice, it looked like a baby.

Gu Bailu sweated hard.

The childish voice was really an excellent weapon.

She did feel reluctant.

Who could be ruthless when they saw a lovely baby burning in a fire?

She might not be a good person, but she still had a conscience.

Gu Bailu said solemnly, “I can stop burning you, but you have to rescind the contract with Nan Ningxin immediately…”

“I can’t rescind the contract. I have to wait for my master to rescue me, but she hasn’t come. I’ve waited for a long time…” said the Night Lotus pitifully.

“How can your master appear when you’ve acknowledged Nan Ningxin as your master?” Gu Bailu was lost for words.

“This is just for convenience’s sake.”

“What do you mean?” asked Gu Bailu in confusion.

“I can only find my master by staying with her. It’s impossible to explain it to you. Please stop burning me. I’m not a traitor.”

Gu Bailu snorted. “That’s just your side of the story. You helped Nan Ningxin in so many evil things. Don’t you feel guilty toward your master?”

“You don’t understand. I did it for a reason! You have the scent of my master. Are you my master?”

Gu Bailu waved her hand. “Go away. I don’t want a traitor like you. Rescind the contract, or I’ll destroy you.”

“Please don’t destroy me. I haven’t done anything bad after I was contracted to her.” The Night Lotus was anxious. “I have to wait for my master. I can help fulfill whatever demands you have.”

Gu Bailu thought for a moment and asked, “You really can’t rescind the contract?”

“I never lie. I’m a good boy.”

“Scram. Those who don’t listen to me are bad boys, and bad boys should suffer.”

Gu Bailu didn’t think that the Night Lotus was lying, but it was unwilling to explain why it was staying with Nan Ningxin.

It seemed to still be loyal to its master, but Gu Bailu didn’t want to give the Night Lotus to Nan Ningxin.

“I’m a good boy.”

“Then will you listen to me?”

“Of course. You have my master’s scent, or I would’ve harvested your soul last time,” sobbed the Night Lotus.