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“My lady, I’ve kicked all of them away.”

Gu Bailu didn’t come back to herself until Ah Luo shouted.

The other party had truly been defeated!

Was it because Ah Luo’s spiritual power was too amazing, or because of how effective Gu Bailu’s spell was?

Perhaps it was a combination of both.

“Ah Luo, great. Let’s go. Ronghua Tower will send more people.”

They had achieved what they had set out to do – to send a warning.

Ah Luo grabbed her and leapt away in excitement. Very soon, they disappeared.

The manager was more than infuriated. “You’re too useless! Go after her! Tell Qiong Lingying to hunt her down.”

“Yes!” The soldiers got back to their feet in pain.

Murong Huangtang observed from a corner for a long time.

He had been following Gu Bailu since she left Prince Zi’s house. He knew everything she had done.

She didn’t have any spiritual power, and the things she did were weird, but the result was rather unexpected.

Then, was what she said about Lanyi trustworthy?

“Investigate Lanyi’s elopement again,” Murong Huangtang said to his servant.

His servant found it odd. “Didn’t the miss say goodbye to you in person before she left?”

“I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that the woman wasn’t lying. Just keep an eye on her.”


Murong Huangtang went to the manager of Ronghua Tower. “Boss, this place is ruined. Where are we going to gamble?”

“Rest assured, Mr. Murong, the tower will be repaired soon. As for her…” The manager cursed. “She’ll regret it.”

Murong Huangtang shook his head. “She spent three days in Prince Zi’s house. You don’t need me to remind you what kind of person Prince Zi is, right?”

“Even Prince Zi cannot destroy Ronghua Tower without reason. Besides, Prince Zi may not necessarily protect her.”

“Prince Zi has always been temperamental. He protected her when she hurt the second prince. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go against him.”

The manager of Ronghua Tower hesitated.

“I suggest you figure out Prince Zi’s attitude first.”

“Thank you, Mr. Murong. I’ll let Prince Zi know.”

Murong Huangtang patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry. If you need money for the renovations, come to me. I’ll have fun elsewhere for now.”

The manager saw him off and pulled a long face.

The black sheep of the Murong family was speaking up for the loser, too?

It wouldn’t end well for whoever was behind her now that they had pissed off Qiongling Enterprise.

After a great time out, Murong Huangtang was stopped on the way back home.

“Follow me.”

He looked at the girl before him. Her masculine attire made her look even more lively.

“You’re trying to trick me again.” Murong Huangtang gave her a charming smile.

He had always been handsome and flirty. Women blushed easily before him.

However, Gu Bailu had seen better. She wasn’t captivated by his charm at all.

“I don’t have time for this.”

Gu Bailu didn’t waste time talking; she grabbed him and held a knife to his temple. “Are you coming with me or not?”

Surprise flashed in Murong Huangtang’s eyes. He then smiled. “Ronghua Tower is after you. If I were you, I would be hiding in Prince Zi’s house.”