319 Subduing the Night Lotus 2

Why was Nan Ningxin talking like that?

If it was any other woman, he would’ve slapped them into a meat pie.

But he had no time to bother with that now. When he approached the Night Lotus, he found that Gu Bailu and the floating Night Lotus were fighting.

They were still fighting?

Feng Qingtian was hugely relieved.

Seeing him, Yin Neng hurried to say, “Prince Zi, you must help. I can’t do anything without hurting her now.”

Feng Qingtian waved his hand, and a flood of enormous spiritual power covered the black fog like fire.

Gu Bailu couldn’t escape now even if she wanted to, because the Night Lotus had her in its grasp.

Just as Feng Qingtian stepped in, Gu Bailu sensed that the Night Lotus was enhanced to an extent where her star wouldn’t be able to resist it.

“Don’t help me! Stop!”

She realized that the more the Night Lotus was attacked, the more powerful it became.

They weren’t helping her at all, but injecting energy into the Night Lotus.

Feng Qingtian naturally sensed the change in the Night Lotus too. He could only retract his spiritual power.

“Night Lotus, if you dare hurt her, I’ll exterminate you myself.”

The Night Lotus was no longer the Night Lotus which he had given away years ago. Naturally, it wouldn’t listen to him.

Gu Bailu snorted. “You think that such a traitor can hurt me?”

Infuriated, the Night Lotus spun faster and faster and unleashed greater and greater power.

Gu Bailu could barely endure anymore.

She glanced at Nan Ningxin and saw that she was about to have an orgasm.

It wasn’t easy for her to get Nan Ningxin’s soul out of her body. She wouldn’t have a second chance to control the Night Lotus.

Calming down, Gu Bailu simply canceled her power and opened her Heavenly Eye.

The whole world turned into a paradise where peach blossoms flew everywhere, and a pink peach blossom mark appeared on her forehead.

The Night Lotus suddenly stopped, as if it was confused.

Its black fog was gone, and it couldn’t use any power.

Had it been trapped in a different world?

Gu Bailu glared at it. “Do you have any idea how heartbroken your former master would be after your betrayal?”

The Night Lotus was absolutely still.

“Nan Ningxin isn’t your master at all. You should know that better than anyone else. Why have you been helping her? She murdered my whole family!”

The Night Lotus fell to the ground.

Gu Bailu’s eyes widened. She didn’t know what was going on either.

She carefully examined the Night Lotus, which glimmered as it rested on a bed of peach blossoms, as if it was exhausted.

“Do you know that you were wrong?”

Gu Bailu squatted and tried to reach for the Night Lotus, only to be deflected by a force.

Gu Bailu simply smashed a fatal rune on the Night Lotus and said, “I’ll smash you into pieces if you still aren’t obedient.”

Gu Bailu certainly meant what she said, as the fatal rune surrounded and burned the Night Lotus.

The Night Lotus jerked up, but it fell again before it even climbed two meters in the air.

It rolled on the ground, trying to extinguish the fire.

Gu Bailu realized that the Night Lotus had probably lost the ability to counterattack in the world of her Heavenly Eye.

“Let’s see where you’re going to hide. It never ends well for traitors.”

Unhurriedly, Gu Bailu cast another spell to stimulate the fire as the Night Lotus writhed on the ground.

“Don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me… I was wrong.”

A childish voice suddenly burst out.