318 Subduing the Night Lotus 1

The Night Lotus flew and dodged her rune.

“Hmph. I’ll teach you a good lesson today, you ungrateful traitor who acknowledged a thief as your master!”

Gu Bailu recited, “Tranquility of mind! Summon Yin Neng with the soul contract!”

Yin Neng appeared out of nowhere in his human form. He asked angrily, “What’s wrong now? Aren’t you supposed to be appreciating flowers?”

His life in Prince Zi’s house had been so great that he almost forgot that he was contracted.

“Help me capture the Night Lotus. I’ll control it today.”

Yin Neng sweated hard. “You’re going to control the Night Lotus? Are you out of your mind?”

“Just do as I say!” Gu Bailu had no time to explain.

She couldn’t get revenge until she got rid of the Night Lotus. Nan Ningxin was only her enemy’s pawn, and she had to obtain this pawn.

Yin Neng took action and charged at the Night Lotus.

The whole vault turned cold. The Night Lotus seemed to be dumbfounded and couldn’t believe that a human wanted to fight it.

Emitting dazzling brilliance, it made everyone’s eyes hurt and their ears hum.

Everybody in the vault felt their hearts shake.

Not knowing what was going on, the ladies and misses had to crouch down to get themselves under control.

Those with little spiritual power were already throwing up blood, their complexions pale.

Gu Bailu wasn’t any better, but she drew another two runes to enhance Yin Neng. “Get it under control now.”

The Night Lotus spun in midair while it radiated that dazzling brilliance.

Yin Neng released an ice pillar at the Night Lotus, but it nimbly dodged the attack.

Yin Neng began to surround the Night Lotus with ice pillars, so that it would have nowhere to go.

“Ah… Prince Zi, please go faster. I love you!” Nan Ningxin moaned louder and louder.

Gu Bailu frowned. It seemed that Nan Ningxin’s dream was reaching the climax.

She had to be quick.

Yin Neng could fight the Night Lotus when she boosted him, but he couldn’t defeat it.

Crouching next to Nan Ningxin, Gu Bailu cast a fatal rune over her and said, “Night Lotus, she’ll die if you don’t give up.”

The Night Lotus uttered a huge noise, before it darted at Gu Bailu amidst dense black fog.

Knowing that things weren’t looking good, Gu Bailu didn’t dodge, but carefully drew a star to block it.

“You traitor, I’ll have to get you under control today.”

By the time Feng Qingtian arrived, the vault had been reduced to a mess. Most of the ladies and misses were lying on the ground.

The place was shrouded in a black fog, with dazzling light and ice pillars in the center.

It looked like the scary chaos from when the universe was just created.

Feng Qingtian’s expression was awful. He knew that the Night Lotus was on the counterattack.

“Gu Bailu, who told you to touch the Night Lotus?” Feng Qingtian roared worriedly and rushed into the fog.

In his carelessness, he had forgotten how determined Gu Bailu was to get the Night Lotus.

Her determination would get her killed.

No! She couldn’t die!

“Qingqing, you’re so great! You’re mine! Nobody can steal you from me! I love you!… Ugh…”

Hearing the lustful moans, Feng Qingtian looked even more awful.