317 Nan Ningxin Has a Good Dream

She tried to control her body so that she fell between the flowers and didn’t damage any of them.

Sitting on the ground, she saw nothing but the reflections of the 9,999 Spring Harbingers on the floor. The stems of the 9,999 Spring Harbingers were only as thick as fingers and couldn’t hide anything.

Nothing could be secretly lurking here, either, because she had already examined the place with spiritual power.

Then what was that thing just now? And where was her spiritual power?

Nan Ningxin couldn’t sense any spiritual power. She rose to her feet, only to see nobody around.

Gu Bailu had disappeared too.

Where was she?

The audience suddenly exclaimed, “Dear god! Miss Murong fell!”

“What happened? Why is she not getting up?”

“What about the 9,999 Spring Harbingers? Were they damaged?”

“How could she have been so careless? That’s the 9,999 Spring Harbingers!”

Gu Bailu snapped, “Don’t yell, or you’ll annoy the 9,999 Spring Harbingers. I’ll go check it out.”

Gu Bailu ran fast, not caring if her clothes touched the flowers anymore.

She had to be fast, in case Nan Ningxin woke up soon.

After she arrived, she saw that Nan Ningxin really was sound asleep.

Were the 9,999 Spring Harbingers truly only meant to be admired? Of course not!

This was Prince Zi’s vault. Why were the 9,999 Spring Harbingers grown in the vault?

To prevent his treasures from being stolen, of course!

The 9,999 Spring Harbingers were actually hallucinogenic flowers…

However, they had their own personality, and wouldn’t drug everyone.

For example, Gu Bailu had been praising them and apologizing to them, so they didn’t drug her.

Nan Ningxin, on the other hand, ignored the 9,999 Spring Harbingers and didn’t seem to like them at all. Naturally, she was unfortunate enough to be hit!

Gu Bailu smiled. She had told Nan Ningxin that walking fast wasn’t a good thing, but her enemy didn’t listen to her.

“Huh. Prince Zi, I love you so much…” Nan Ningxin wriggled and rubbed her legs, lust all over her face.

Gu Bailu slapped her face.

Feng Qingtian was her man and could sleep with only her. She certainly wasn’t happy that Nan Ningxin was having erotic dreams of the man that Gu Bailu was sleeping with every day.

But this wasn’t the time to wake Nan Ningxin up yet.

Gu Bailu stared at the Night Lotus around Nan Ningxin’s neck.

“You escaped last time. Let’s see where you can hide this time.”

Gu Bailu trusted that the Night Lotus, as an artifact that had lived for a thousand years, could understand her.

The Night Lotus shot out a dazzling light right toward Gu Bailu.

“You want to take me down first?” Gu Bailu turned her head quickly and avoided the attack.

Nan Ningxin had now lost consciousness, which meant that her soul was out of her body. It was the best moment to deal with the Night Lotus.

Gu Bailu drew a triangle rune and smashed it onto the Night Lotus, but was blocked.

She chanted and used all her power to cover the Night Lotus with another rune.