314 Let“s Fight, White Lotus 5

No… Nan Ningxin had to tear this face to shreds and utterly destroy Gu Bailu, even if Feng Qingtian had strong feelings for her.

“Alright, release my sister first. We can compete however you want,” Nan Ningxin said pitifully.

Gu Bailu gestured at Ah Luo, who pushed Kuang Min toward Nan Ningxin.

Nan Ningxin tore the rune off of Kuang Min and let her go when her eyes were clear again.

She wouldn’t have saved this brainless and unreasonable woman if the latter wasn’t still useful to her.

But on the other hand, if the woman did have brains, Nan Ningxin wouldn’t have been able to manipulate her in the first place.

“What happened?” Kuang Min couldn’t remember what just happened.

“You were being controlled with this rune.” Nan Ningxin gave her the rune that she was holding.

Kuang Min jumped to her feet. “Gu Bailu, this is purely an evil art!”

Gu Bailu smiled. “You don’t know runes? What an idiot. You think that anything that can defeat you is an evil art?”

Even the National Counselor of Southern Glory Empire used runes, except that he had tremendous spiritual power and Gu Bailu had none.

“How can you control runes? You don’t even have spiritual power!”

“Who told you that runes have to be controlled with spiritual power?”

“I’ve never seen anyone who can control runes without spiritual power. You must be using evil arts!”

“Stop showing off your ignorance. Those who are immortal don’t have spiritual power, but they can control everything,” Ah Luo said loudly.

Kuang Min mocked, “Are you saying that she doesn’t have spiritual power because she’s immortal?”

Gu Bailu drew a rune and threw it at her, flinging her away. “You may think that. You better stay away from me while you can.”

Nan Ningxin looked at Gu Bailu in shock, wondering how Gu Bailu had reached such a high level.

“Aren’t we going to compete? Why do you keep ragging on her?” Nan Ningxin said angrily.

“Your sister isn’t as good at talking as you are, Miss Nan. You need to teach her better.”

Now that Nan Ningxin had been provoked, Gu Bailu wasn’t in a hurry.

“Are we going to compete or not?” Nan Ningxin was really keen to find out what Gu Bailu’s strength was like now.

“Why the rush? We have so many guests who are here to appreciate the 9,999 Spring Harbingers.”

The ladies and misses beamed with curiosity; they were here precisely to see the legendary flowers, not the drama between the two women.

Gu Bailu stepped forward and said, “Ladies, if I may direct you to Indulgence Garden.”

Nan Ningxin was rather infuriated by Gu Bailu.

It was Gu Bailu who had demanded a match, but then she proposed to view the flowers before that.

What exactly was she up to?

But Nan Ningxin didn’t think that she could come up with any clever tricks.

When Gu Bailu passed by, Feng Qingtian stood in the passageway and observed the crowd, but he couldn’t see anybody else when he noticed Gu Bailu in the lead.

His woman was the most eye-catching one from every angle.

“My lord, the princess seems to be in a good mood,” said Qin Shou.

“That’s good. But pay attention to her safety.” Feng Qingtian smiled and said, “Send a few more men with the princess. Don’t let her be wronged in her own home.”