313 Let“s Fight, White Lotus 4

Some of the ladies who were watching couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Princess Zi, Miss Kuang simply taught someone who deserved it a lesson. It would appear disrespectful to the Murong family if you hold her prisoner.”

Even Shao Di, Shao Zun and Prince Zi had to show respect to Lady Murong of the Murong family.

Gu Bailu smiled. “I’m not doing anything to her except preventing her from causing trouble. Besides, Miss Kuang knows a lot of things that Miss Nan doesn’t want her to say.”

Nan Ningxin lowered her head helplessly.

Everyone else didn’t say anything. After all, Kuang Min had just shown them what might happen if they defended Nan Ningxin.

They all looked at Nan Ningxin with sympathy, but lacked the courage to help her.

They felt that Princess Zi was too arrogant, but didn’t dare say it out loud.

Gu Bailu, however, knew that Nan Ningxin had to be up to something else.

She simply kept her gaze on Nan Ningxin, her eyes as sharp as blades.

Nan Ningxin couldn’t care less about what was going on around her, because she was trying to break Gu Bailu’s control over Kuang Min.

Gu Bailu wasn’t nearly as skillful as she was, and Nan Ningxin was certain that she could lift it.

Sensing that the rune had moved, Gu Bailu raised her hand and stabilized it on Kuang Min’s forehead again, surprised that Nan Ningxin could crack it remotely.

It seemed that she had truly learned the skills of the Gu family before she eliminated them.

This was truly an ungrateful and heinous woman.

Everybody in the Gu family had regarded her as a treasure. She could’ve lived a happy life, but she refused to do so. What exactly did she want?

Was it Feng Qingtian?

In that case, Gu Bailu certainly wouldn’t give him to her!

Failing to nullify the rune, Nan Ningxin looked at Gu Bailu, full of hate.

Why had this idiot gotten so much stronger? Nan Ningxin couldn’t crack the rune at all.

Gu Bailu sent her a mental transmission: “Stop trying. Your skills are nothing in front of me now.”

Nan Ningxin looked at her coldly.

“You don’t believe me? Let’s have a match then. If I lose, I’ll give Feng Qingtian to you. How does that sound?”

Nan Ningxin heard the words, and wondered how Gu Bailu could be so audacious.

Gu Bailu wasn’t that stupid a person – she had to have some tricks up her sleeve.

“You don’t have the guts to compete with me? How can you get a man if you don’t? Do you know how I got Feng Qingtian? I pounced on him and slept with him the first time I saw him.”

Nan Ningxin turned red with fury. What a shameless woman!

That was her man! The woman did that to her man!

Nan Ningxin had tried her best to please Feng Qingtian, but Gu Bailu was shameless and didn’t do anything before she slept with Feng Qingtian!

Why had it never occurred to Nan Ningxin that she could sleep with Feng Qingtian when he didn’t have any spiritual power?

No, it had occurred to her before, but she had never had the courage to do so, fearing that Feng Qingtian would despise her for her lust.

In their previous life, Feng Qingtian never really had sex with her.

She didn’t dare take that step because she was worried that Feng Qingtian would change!

“Look at you. All you can do is pretend. You’ve lost your man because of that.” Gu Bailu grinned at her.

Her beautiful face was full of mockery.