312 Let“s Fight, White Lotus 3

Gu Bailu looked at the other noble ladies, and also saw the thoughts in their heads.

Some were enjoying the drama, some were missing their lovers, and some were wondering what they should wear for their blind dates the next day.

The clips were all very short.

Not intending to pry into their privacy, Gu Bailu shook her head and focused.

“Why are you shaking your head? Can’t I teach her a lesson?” asked Kuang Min aggressively.

“You’re truly a funny person. Do you always overthink things?” Gu Bailu smiled casually and suddenly rushed at her, before she stuck a rune to her forehead.

She then gestured at Ah Luo, who immediately tied Kuang Min’s hands together. “Don’t move.”

Nan Ningxin turned cold. “What’s the meaning of this?”

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Your subordinate hurt my friend, and I’m capturing her… I’ve always been fair.”

“She’s not my subordinate; she’s my sister and Lady Murong’s niece.”

“I don’t care who she is. She’s on your side, isn’t she? If you can hurt someone on my side, I can certainly catch someone on your side. That’s only fair, isn’t it?”

Gu Bailu spoke like a child quarreling with someone else.

“What do you want?” Nan Ningxin asked with her arms crossed.

Kuang Min still had an important role to play, and Nan Ningxin couldn’t allow her to be captured yet.

Gu Bailu smiled. “Actually, they’re both great friends, or they wouldn’t concern themselves with someone else’s business. What do you say we settle our grudge ourselves?”

“I have no grudge with you,” said Nan Ningxin, as if she didn’t care. “I’m incapable of sleeping with Prince Zi and bearing his child. I’m not as good as you.”

“You’re flattering me, Miss Nan. You’re Prince Zi’s lover from his previous life. You’re certainly better than me.” Gu Bailu looked at her sharply.

Nan Ningxin was shocked. How could Prince Zi have told her that?

“What exactly do you want?” Nan Ningxin was a little flustered; it seemed that Gu Bailu might have seen through her.

But that was impossible. With the Night Lotus, nobody could tell that she was a fraud.

Nan Ningxin clutched the Night Lotus hard.

Gu Bailu sat down. “Everybody says that I’m garbage and Miss Nan is one of the strongest women. Why don’t we have a competition?”

Nan Ningxin was reluctant when she heard that…

Now that Gu Bailu had talked her up, it wouldn’t do her any good whether she won or lost.

“I’ve already lost. Just release my sister.” Nan Ningxin didn’t want to fight her, unless it was for her sister.

Gu Bailu asked Ah Luo to bring Kuang Min over to her. “Miss Nan is unwilling to compete with me. Miss Kuang, why don’t you tell me if Miss Nan is sincerely admitting defeat?”

Nan Ningxin looked at Kuang Min, only to see that Kuang Min’s eyes were unfocused and that she was clearly under mind control.

Fearing that Kuang Min would say something that she shouldn’t, Nan Ningxin rushed forward and tried to take Kuang Min back, but Ah Luo reacted fast enough and pushed Kuang Min behind her as she fought Nan Ningxin.

Unwilling to fight her, Nan Ningxin dodged and reached for Kuang Min again. “Release my sister!”

She was furious, and her hair was a mess because of her movements, making her look pitiful.