311 Let“s Fight, White Lotus 2

Kuang Min slapped Bu Yaolian in the face, and Bu Yaolian was flung backward as she hit the ground several meters away. She coughed up blood in pain.

“You think a piece of garbage can mock our Ningxin? You’re truly bold.”

Kuang Min stepped on Bu Yaolian angrily.

Nan Ningxin went over to her and stopped her. “Sister, don’t. We’re in Prince Zi’s house.”

“What are you scared of? Prince Zi said that he would help you if anyone was mean to you. This woman isn’t Princess Zi anyway.”

Kuang Min knew that Feng Qingtian was nice to Nan Ningxin, as if he were in her debt.

So, Prince Zi wouldn’t punish her as long as she didn’t touch Princess Zi.

“But… but I don’t want to make a fuss.” Nan Ningxin was indirectly admitting that this was a privilege Prince Zi had given her.

“You’re still tolerating her when she’s so outrageous?” Kuang Min was furious, thinking that Nan Ningxin lost the title of princess because she was too kind.

If she were Nan Ningxin, she would’ve killed the current Princess Zi.

“She’s Princess Zi’s friend…” Nan Ningxin said mindfully.

She was Princess Zi’s friend, so she was so cocky even if she was only a piece of garbage.

“Miss Murong, your eyes are really keen. She is indeed my friend.” By the time Gu Bailu had spoken, Ah Luo had already rushed in, kicked Kuang Min aside, and helped Bu Yaolian to her feet.

“My lady, Miss Bu is bleeding. They were mean to her.”

Ah Luo had always liked this plump sister, because she was the first person who was nice to her lady in this world.

She glared at Nan Ningxin. This troublemaker had kicked up a fuss yet again.

“What’s the meaning of this, Miss Murong? Are you here for a fight?” Gu Bailu asked solemnly.

Nan Ningxin frowned. “Not exactly. My sister taught her a lesson because she said something nasty.”

No reasons were needed for the high and mighty Kuang Min to teach a piece of garbage a lesson.

What a matter-of-fact tone!

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Did she?”

“That’s right. Why? You think other people can’t punish your dog just because you’re Princess Zi?” Kuang Min was angry and embarrassed that she had been kicked aside.

Nan Ningxin tugged at her and said, “Don’t argue with her. She’s Princess Zi.”

“I’m not arguing with her. What I hit was just a piece of garbage who doesn’t know how to speak,” said Kuang Min coldly.

Narrowing her eyes, Gu Bailu looked at her, only to see that her aura was gray and black. She was indeed here for a malicious purpose.

What surprised Gu Bailu was that she could see an image inside Kuang Min’s head.

“The thing you showed me yesterday will definitely work on her. Let’s see if she can still be arrogant after that.”

Nan Ningxin said anxiously, “Sister, you mustn’t use it randomly. I… I don’t think we should use it…”

“We’re only getting back at her because she was mean to you.”

The image disappeared.

It was a shame that Gu Bailu hadn’t seen anything before or after the clip.

What was the thing that they had mentioned?

What trick had Nan Ningxin come up with to deal with her?

But more than that, why could she see images in someone else’s head now? Had her Heavenly Eye been upgraded?

Had she leveled up because she had had sex all night last night?

If so, that was an unexpected silver lining to all her fatigue and pain.