309 Party 3

Nobody dared to cross the line in Prince Zi’s house, particularly when it was rare for them to be able to visit this place.

Many of them had felt dwarfed when they saw the low-key extravagance in Prince Zi’s house.

All the women shut up.

Bu Yaolian’s eyes glimmered. So, people with high spiritual power were nothing to be scared of, as long as she knew their weakness.

“This is indeed Prince Zi’s house, but I didn’t know that a loser like you can speak for Prince Zi.”

A cold but gentle voice which commanded respect rang out nearby.

The noble ladies cleared the way for an elegant woman in a pink dress.

“If you know that this is Prince Zi’s house, why did you hurt them?” Following Nan Ningxin, Kuang Min berated her.

Bu Yaolian said timidly, “I… I didn’t hurt anyone. I simply nudged them.”

“Nudging is hurting. What you did was provocation.”

Kuang Min snorted. “You’re bold enough to hurt someone in Princess Zi’s house? You think we can’t do anything to you because Princess Zi has your back?”

“No, you were speaking badly of other people under their own roof first. I only stopped you because it wasn’t right. It has nothing to do with Princess Zi.”

Bu Yaolian might be fat, but she definitely wasn’t dumb.

She already knew that the person was trying to make Gu Bailu look bad.

It hadn’t been easy for Gu Bailu to become Princess Zi, and Bu Yaolian certainly couldn’t drag her down.

“It has nothing to do with Princess Zi? Would you have dared attack us if she hadn’t invited you?”

“I… I simply couldn’t tolerate your nonsense. Even garbage has the right to speak.”

Bu Yaolian’s complexion wasn’t good, but she couldn’t back down.

She was a friend invited by Princess Zi. If she chickened out, Princess Zi would definitely despise her.

Princess Zi once told her that when all else failed, she could kill other people with her weight.

She was determined to be as fearless as her idol.

“Why? People can’t discuss Princess Zi at all? We’re not making up anything. Just because she’s Princess Zi doesn’t change the fact that she’s garbage.”

Kuang Min had been meaning to unleash her fury on Gu Bailu, but the latter had been keeping the noble ladies waiting.

Did Gu Bailu really think she was something?

Now that Bu Yaolian had blundered, Kuang Min certainly wouldn’t let her go.

Since the bigger piece of trash hadn’t come yet, she could have some fun with the smaller one first.

Nan Ningxin tugged at Kuang Min and said, “Sister, she’s Princess Zi, after all. For Prince Zi’s sake, please… don’t do that.”

“She simply enchanted Prince Zi with her evil arts. When he wakes up, there will be no Princess Zi…”

“Princess Zi didn’t use any evil arts. Prince Zi really loves her.”

Bu Yaolian certainly wouldn’t allow her idol to be demonized.

She had heard of a strong expert who practiced unconventional arts and had been executed for it.

Even the strongest person couldn’t take on the entire world on their own!

This woman was indeed malicious!