308 Party 2

It was true that Nan Ningxin was more suited for Feng Qingtian than Gu Bailu was in terms of family background, spiritual power, and personal appeal.

Everybody had been jealous of Nan Ningxin when Feng Qingtian devoted himself to her in the last few years.

It was actually quite gratifying to see such a gorgeous woman lose her man to someone else despite her beauty and her rich spiritual power.

Nan Ningxin looked terrible. She lowered her head pitifully.

She had never been arrogant toward other noble ladies, so some of them actually sympathized with her.

“Miss Murong is here.” Someone greeted her.

Nan Ningxin managed a broken, devastated smile.

Some of the women comforted her. “Prince Zi probably did it on the spur of the moment. You can wait a while.”

Nan Ningxin shook her head and sat down silently.

“She didn’t see this coming, did she? She thought that Prince Zi would love her forever!”

“She lost Prince Zi’s love!”

“Prince Zi never loved her. If he did love her, he would’ve married her even though he couldn’t touch her. So, Prince Zi never loved her at all.”

“The way I see it, Prince Zi likes his current partner very much since he made her the princess already. He doesn’t want her to feel wronged at all.”

“Did you hear? Bai Zhaozhao, General Bai’s sister, was beaten up because she thought that Princess Zi didn’t deserve the title. She’s probably dying.”

“I really wonder why Prince Zi is so nice to her. She’s nothing compared with Prince Zi’s previous partner.” One of the women looked at Nan Ningxin in confusion.

“Who says Lulu doesn’t deserve to be Princess Zi? What do idiots like you know?” An enormous person barged into the crowd.

The noble ladies who were still feeling puzzled were easily knocked aside.

Her arms akimbo, Bu Yaolian glared at them and said, “Few people know how great Princess Zi is, and Prince Zi is one of them. If you gossip about her again, I’ll ask the guards to throw you out.”

“You…” The noble ladies looked at the woman who was bigger than a bear, lost for words.

Where did this piece of garbage come from? She had no spiritual power and was as fat as a ball.

What gave her the guts to criticize them?

Shouldn’t a person like her be like a dog in front of them?

“Where is this dog from? Get out of here!” someone shouted.

Bu Yaolian stepped back in fear. She had been enraged when they said that her idol wasn’t as good as someone else, so she had charged out to defend her. Facing people with enormous spiritual power, however, she lost her courage.

Both her elephant legs shook.

But remembering that this was Prince Zi’s house and that her idol was Princess Zi, Bu Yaolian stood straight and said, “This is Prince Zi’s house, and I was invited here. Why are you asking me to leave? Do you think you’re Princess Zi?”

All the ladies fumed.

That was right, everybody here had been invited by Princess Zi. If a conflict broke out, Prince Zi would certainly punish them, whoever they were.