307 Party 1

Feng Qingtian said expressionlessly, “You were the one who turned down my offer. But I can help you with whatever difficulties you encounter in the future.”

“Everybody in the world is laughing at me. Even you are so indifferent to me as well…” Nan Ningxin appeared helpless and hurt.

Feng Qingtian knew that his attitude now would make people laugh at her even harder.

Until he found out for certain that she wasn’t his former lover, he didn’t want her to get hurt.

“Whoever is mean to you, just tell me and I won’t spare them,” said Feng Qingtian.

Nan Ningxin asked quickly, “What if it’s Princess Zi who’s mean to me?”

Feng Qingtian said coldly, “Then you’ll have to live with it. She’s mean to me too.”

Watching Feng Qingtian walk away, Nan Ningxin clenched her fists, and her eyes turned cold.

She was seeing the man’s devotion again after a hundred years, but it still wasn’t directed to her.

Why not her?

Because of that idiot Gu Bailu.

She wasn’t going to let Gu Bailu have her way. Never.

She had tricked Gu Bailu in their previous life, and she would make her life miserable here as well.

Nan Ningxin left with the box. When she passed the pink cottage, she looked at the place where she used to stay, but now belonged to a different woman.

I’ll take back what’s mine and a thousand-fold!

“Ningxin, you’re here. Let’s go in,” a woman in yellow grabbed her arm and said affectionately.

“Sister… I… I don’t feel like going in…” Nan Ningxin lowered her head in frustration.

The woman in yellow snorted. “Why? You stayed here for two nights before. That loser is nothing. I’ll help you get back at her later.”

The woman in yellow was Kuang Min, the granddaughter of Lady Murong’s sister.

She and Nan Ningxin were very close, and she had always loved Nan Ningxin, who was gentle and kind.

She thought that Nan Ningxin would marry Prince Zi, but a vixen jumped out of nowhere and seduced Prince Zi even though she was utterly repulsive.

“Sister, please don’t… Not for me…” Nan Ningxin begged.

Kuang Min said, “I’ve been angry with her for a long time. She almost killed our little sister from the Bai family. She has no respect for noble ladies at all.”

Nan Ningxin didn’t say anything and kept her head down.

“Let’s go in. The thing you showed me yesterday will definitely work on her. Let’s see if she can still be arrogant after that.”

Nan Ningxin said anxiously, “Sister, you mustn’t use it randomly. I… I don’t think we should use it…”

“We’re only getting back at her because she was mean to you.”

Kuang Min wasn’t going to sit around after Bai Zhaozhao was bullied. They had been best friends since childhood, and Kuang Min hadn’t cultivated spiritual power just for show.

She pulled Nan Ningxin into the garden.

Some women were already seated in the garden. They all looked at Nan Ningxin when she arrived.

Some were sympathetic and some scoffed, but of course, most were only eager to watch the drama unfold.