306 My Wife Won“t Be Happy

Qin Shou hurriedly averted his gaze. “My lord, I’ll inspect the guards outside.”

He quickly left before Feng Qingtian said anything, certain that his lord would dig his eyes out if he accidentally saw the princess’s bare shoulders.

Feng Qingtian didn’t insist that Gu Bailu change her clothes, but covered her in a white cloak.

“Don’t take it off, in case you catch a cold,” he said matter-of-factly, as if he meant it.

Gu Bailu nodded. She didn’t really feel cold, but decided to accept the gesture of kindness.

Under the thick cloak, Gu Bailu’s face was even prettier. Feng Qingtian rubbed it and kissed her lips. “Don’t stay too long. We have to dual cultivate tonight.”

Gu Bailu looked at the sun. “It’s still the morning and you’re already thinking about tonight?”

“I wish it was night all the time.”

Gu Bailu gave him the side-eye and left.

If people knew that the high and mighty Prince Zi had such a side to him, they would probably cry.

Feng Qingtian smiled, feeling that Gu Bailu wasn’t as opposed to him as before.

In a great mood, he summoned the butler. “Tip everyone. I’m feeling great today.”

The butler left in delight. He liked tipping people the most.

He wondered why the prince was tipping everyone again when the princess had just done so.

It seemed that both of them were feeling great?

However, if they both felt great, someone else would certainly feel less so.

On his way to Indulgence Pavilion, Feng Qingtian heard someone call out to him. “Prince Zi.”

Feng Qingtian turned back, only to see Nan Ningxin in a pink dress and a box in her hands.

“I’ve made your favorite mousse. Would you like a piece?”

Nan Ningxin raised the box and smiled.

Feng Qingtian frowned. “Ningxin, stop making anything for me.”

Nan Ningxin smiled. “Even if you don’t like me and don’t want to marry me, you can still have some of my food, can’t you? We’re still friends.”

Feng Qingtian turned solemn. “It’s inappropriate for me to have your food now that I have a wife.”

Nan Ningxin stiffened, then smiled bitterly. “We can’t be friends because you have a wife? What have I done wrong to make you so cold to me?”

“My wife won’t be happy if I eat your food,” Feng Qingtian said resolutely.

Nan Ningxin stepped back. “To think that you’re sacrificing so much for her! It’s true that people can change.”

Feng Qingtian recalled Gu Bailu’s declaration that Nan Ningxin was fake.

If Nan Ningxin really was his former lover, he could only feel guilt at her accusation.

But if she was only a fraud, what she had been doing was quite loathsome.

In any case, Feng Qingtian knew that he couldn’t give her hope.

Giving her hope would mean endangering Gu Bailu.

Seeing how she had dealt with Murong Lanyi, Nan Ningxin was definitely an unscrupulous and sly woman.

“If you’re in any trouble, I’ll try to help you, but don’t do the things that my wife is supposed to do for me.”

Nan Ningxin said with a self-mocking smile, “I was supposed to be Princess Zi, but after a trip to the Manor of the Herb King, someone else became Princess Zi.”