305 You Might Catch a Cold

Standing in the passageway and looking at the garden of the pink cottage, Feng Qingtian said to Qin Shou, “Tell the embroiderers to use more cloth next time. I have enough money.”

Qin Shou understood that his lord was implying that the princess’s clothes were too revealing and he didn’t want anyone else to see her skin.

He was astonished by his lord’s possessiveness.

The party was held in the small garden in front of the pink cottage. It was unusually splendid and extravagant.

The decorations and the tableware couldn’t be found anywhere else, and the exquisite food was made by Prince Zi’s own chef.

Gu Bailu was the one who wanted to hold this party, but she actually didn’t do any of the preparations herself; this was also her first time seeing everything.

Standing on the stairs, she was amazed by the dreamy scene, and couldn’t believe that she was a lady of the house now.

“This is well-planned. Ah Luo, tip them.”

Ah Luo went to the accountant and said, “My lady says to tip all the servants in this house.”

The accountant left with a smile.

Feng Qingtian rapped the pillar next to him in a good mood. “I knew it – she’ll realize that she’s the lady here after having this party.”

After she got used to commanding the servants, she wouldn’t be able to get away.

“Smart decision, my lord.” Qin Shou knew how to suck up to his lord.

Gu Bailu raised her head and noticed Feng Qingtian, who was wearing an unusual moon-white robe. His long hair was tied into a topknot and his eyes were captivating.

Yes, Feng Qingtian was a man of contradictions. Sometimes his eyes were icy, and sometimes they were alluring.

In the meantime, he exuded a magnificent and forceful air.

And she was the one to snag such a contradictory and gorgeous person.

Chuckling, Gu Bailu hopped up to him and asked, “It’s a party of ladies and misses. What are you doing here? Are you hoping you’ll find your former lover?”

Feng Qingtian pinched her cheek and said, “Don’t talk like that.”

Gu Bailu clutched his arm. “I’m not lying. Nan Ningxin is coming today.”

She was certain that Nan Ningxin would come and try to steal her thunder in dazzling finery.

However, she was disinclined to compete with Nan Ningxin today, so she was dressed in a more unassuming style.

Feng Qingtian raised the collar of her outfit and said, “Go change your clothes. You might catch a cold with your shoulders exposed.”

Gu Bailu’s low-cut clothes revealed the pink lingerie underneath. It was a unique and sexy design.

Such clothes were among the more conservative types on this continent; there were many more fashionable outfits on the street which exposed the cleavage, the legs or the waist.

“I’m not cold.” Gu Bailu was unconcerned.

Because of her smooth skin and the smooth material of her clothes, the collar of her outfit slipped down again as she turned around.

Narrowing his eyes, Feng Qingtian glanced at Qin Shou.