300 9,999 Spring Harbingers

Though slightly different from what she expected, Gu Bailu was still delighted at the dreamy flowers all over the place.

The flowers looked beautiful and smelled refreshing.

“My lady, these are 9,999 Spring Harbingers. There are 9,999 flowers and they have 9,999 different colors. I’ve never seen them in real life before…”

Gu Bailu knew that Feng Qingtian wouldn’t grow just any ordinary flower in this vault.

She crouched down and examined the flowers.

The petals were translucent and attractive. Some of them were in colors that she had never seen before.

More amazingly, the edges of the flowers were all glowing, making them look like crystal lamps.

Gu Bailu reached for a flower, but Ah Luo hurriedly stopped her. “My lady, you can’t touch them. If any of them dies, all of them will die.”

“Ah Luo, how do you know what these flowers are?” Gu Bailu looked at her curiously.

Ah Luo’s identity had always been a mystery. She usually seemed silly, but she sometimes proved knowledgeable.

For example, she had recognized the Snow Goddess Fruit and dragon meat easily.

How had she recognized these amazing 9,999 Spring Harbingers?

“My lady, I dreamed of them,” Ah Luo replied matter-of-factly.

“Oh… what are these flowers for?”

Ah Luo shook her head. “I’m not sure. I heard in my dream that when a person gives these flowers to their love, they would never be separated.”

Gu Bailu’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that.

Feng Qingtian could express his love so artfully despite how cold he usually was?

Gu Bailu’s face turned red.

She couldn’t help feeling touched. After all, she didn’t have a heart of stone.

However, it was impossible for her to fall in love with Feng Qingtian just because of this.

She didn’t want to give her heart to anyone for now, not after Nan Ningxin deceived her.

Friendship was already so complicated – love would be even more so.

She wouldn’t let herself fall in love with Feng Qingtian until she was sure that she could bear the consequences.

Focusing her attention, Gu Bailu asked curiously, “What do they feed on?”

The floor of the vault was made of marble that was as bright as a mirror, and the flowers sprouted from gaps in the floor.

White mist flowed in from holes all over the vault, making it look like a fairyland.

“They feed on the white mist… It’s made of nine mystical materials to sustain the 9,999 Spring Harbingers.”

Gu Bailu rubbed her forehead. “So, such delicate and vulnerable flowers have no use except to be admired?”

“I don’t know. That wasn’t in my dream.” Ah Luo frowned and felt regret that she couldn’t answer her lady’s question.

“What a shame…” Gu Bailu sighed.

Ah Luo was confused. “What’s a shame, my lady?”

“That such beautiful flowers are trapped in this vault and only we can appreciate them.”

The 9,999 Spring Harbingers were so beautiful that they deserved to be presented to the rest of the world.

After all, beauty was meant to be appreciated.

“My lady, we can invite other people to appreciate them.”