298 When Will We Hold the Wedding?

Feng Qingtian stepped back and said, “Whatever it is, it’s smelly enough. Get it away.”

Gu Bailu dropped the spoon and wiped her hands with the handkerchief. “Actually, the pumpkin sauce is quite delicious. It’s a pity that Bai Zhaozhao didn’t enjoy it.”

Qin Shou’s lips were twitching hard. How would anyone know that the smelly stuff is pumpkin, when you told her it’s feces?

No wonder the girl had trembled with fear.

Hm, he had to make a note never to piss off the princess.

“Didn’t you want to punish her? Why did you fake it?”

She wasn’t as ruthless as she claimed to be.

“I certainly can’t use real feces. I would’ve been killed by the stench before she was.”

Feng Qingtian nodded and took her inside, before he asked, “I have to make an announcement. When do you want to hold our wedding?”

“W- wedding?” asked Gu Bailu in confusion.

Gu Bailu decided to be softer toward Feng Qingtian for his attitude just now.

In any case, she was the legitimate Princess Zi for now.

As long as she stole the Night Lotus from Nan Ningxin, Feng Qingtian wouldn’t protect Nan Ningxin so fiercely anymore.

Although Gu Bailu had never considered marriage, she didn’t want to make Feng Qingtian angry at the moment.

“His Majesty is about to issue a royal decree. He needs a date for our wedding.”

Gu Bailu was in a trance after hearing the word “wedding.”

She had somehow ended up as Feng Qingtian’s wife, Princess Zi, and a spokesperson for ducks, but she had never considered marriage.

How could she have a wedding without her family’s blessing?

“After we rescue my master.”

Her parents were dead and their souls were gone, but she still had a master.

Besides, being Princess Zi was just for the convenience of it; she didn’t really want to be Prince Zi’s wife.

She didn’t know if Prince Zi was reliable or not.

He valued her now because she was the only woman he could touch.

Who knew if he would cheat on her after his curse was lifted?

Feng Qingtian was bitter that Gu Bailu was unwilling to marry him.

He knew that she wasn’t that into him, but he still couldn’t give up on her.

“Alright, whenever you want it.” He still had a lot of time to work harder.

Gu Bailu didn’t expect him to listen to her so readily, when he had always been so domineering.

She swore that she hadn’t used any sort of spell this time.

Leaning into his arms, Gu Bailu asked, “Who do you think is pulling the strings behind Bai Zhaozhao?”

“The Bai family is a notable family in Southern Glory Empire. Not just anybody can manipulate her.”

“Bai Zhaozhao is obviously trying to make me look like a princess who is unfair to loyal patriots so that I can’t be a princess anymore. And who doesn’t want me to be Princess Zi?”

Solemnly, Feng Qingtian stroked her face and asked, “What’s on your mind?”

“Is your former lover a woman who knows nothing but dirty tricks? You were truly blind.” Gu Bailu looked at how Feng Qingtan narrowed his eyes, and said, “I think she must be a fake, because you certainly weren’t blind to fall in love with me.”

Feng Qingtian kissed her hard on the lips. “Funny.”