293 Nan Ningxin“s Big BOSS

Finally, Ye Ying could report to her lord now.

Seeing her arrive, Feng Qingtian rose in a hurry. “How was it? What did the princess say?”

“My lord, the princess asked me to capture General Bai’s sister.”

Feng Qingtian curled his lip. “Then why are you still here?”

Ye Ying nodded and backed away.

In a great mood, Feng Qingtian continued reading the intelligence on the Earthly Residence’s recent actions.

To his surprise, he saw Nan Ningxin’s name.

Blocking the Ye guards?

Why had she blocked his men?

It was seven days ago…

Seven days ago, he personally escorted Nan Ningxin to the Manor of the Herb King, when Gu Bailu’s family had almost forced Gu Bailu to marry that fatty.

Nan Ningxin had tried to stop his guards from reporting the matter to him.

Nan Ningxin had really changed, or maybe she wasn’t the one he had loved in the first place.

He didn’t remember things clearly, but he knew that his lover wasn’t a woman who would do such a thing.

However, why hadn’t the Earthly Residence stopped his guards in the end?

In the living room in the Earthly Residence, Shao Zun was still wearing his half mask that covered part of his perfect face, making people want to lift it and see what was underneath.

A cloaked man was sitting next to him. He looked like a ghost, and even his eyes couldn’t be seen.

“Is this how you do things, Shao Zun?” the man said furiously.

Shao Zun chuckled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Why wasn’t Miss Murong’s command carried out?”

Shao Zun said, “Oh, that was what you were referring to. Nan Ningxin is a member of the Earthly Residence, and I’m supposed to help her. But…”

“But what?”

“But nothing would’ve changed even if I helped her, so I may as well save myself the trouble. Even if I stopped the Ye guards from reporting to Prince Zi, so what? Do you really think that the little loser would obediently marry Wang Dachong?”

“How do you know what would’ve happened since you didn’t stop them? You’re just making excuses.”

Shao Zun smiled. “Why would any woman marry Wang Dachong? If Nan Ningxin thinks that Gu Bailu’s that stupid, no wonder she failed so spectacularly.”

He wondered why Nan Ningxin would think that Gu Bailu would follow her parents’ command and marry a dying cripple.

“Who says that Miss Murong failed? She’s still the person that Prince Zi cares for the most.”

Shao Zun burst into laughter. “After all these years, she still can’t catch Prince Zi’s heart, and you still trust her?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Miss Murong’s identity is beyond your imagination.”

“I don’t care about her identity, and don’t talk about the past. Whoever she used to be, she is only Miss Murong now, who no longer has Prince Zi’s favor.”

She was useless to the Earthly Residence, and useless people didn’t deserve respect.

Shao Zun wished that he had brought Gu Bailu back to the Earthly Residence instead.

Since both Gu Yunjing and Prince Zi valued her, he could easily use her to suppress them.

Shao Zun was angry that he had misjudged.

The man in black rose in a fury. “Miss Murong is the person that my master thinks most highly of. You better be polite to her. If you don’t cooperate, my master can work with someone else.”

Shao Zun looked at him and said, “Tell your master that I’m doing this because I’m returning the favor to someone.”

Though he disliked Nan Ningxin, Shao Zun didn’t want to drop the collaboration.

“A favor to who?”