292 Does Princess Zi Need to Act In Person?

Gu Bailu raised her head, only to discover that Ah Luo’s hair was in a mess and that there was blood on her forehead and her lips.

Ah Luo’s dress was stained with blood, too.

“What’s going on? Why does it seem like you got beaten up?” Gu Bailu put down her chopsticks and looked for a balm.

Ah Luo had such enormous spiritual power that she could defeat hundreds of guards. How had she lost?

Gu Bailu had permitted her to fight because she hadn’t thought that Ah Luo could lose.

“My lady, that woman knows dirty tricks. I couldn’t defeat her.”

While putting the balm on Ah Luo, Gu Bailu asked, “What dirty tricks did she use?”

“She had a bug that stopped me from moving after it crawled on me.”

“Then she beat you up?”

“She has strong spiritual power. I was badly wounded.”

While talking, Ah Luo looked at the greasy meat and swallowed.

She lost the fight, so she couldn’t have meat.

She couldn’t have hated the hideous woman any more. She decided to train harder today and get back at the woman tomorrow.

“She dared to beat you up? Let’s go. I’ll avenge you!”

Gu Bailu put down the balm and left with Ah Luo.

There was a terrible wound on Ah Luo’s face. What if a scar was left on her cute face?

That woman had definitely been trying to destroy Ah Luo!

Gu Bailu was a face-slapper herself. For example, she had slapped Nan Ningxin’s manager in the face because he worked for Nan Ningxin.

That woman, on the other hand, punched Ah Luo in the face while knowing that Ah Luo was her subordinate. That was a slap to Gu Bailu’s face.

Gu Bailu was determined to meet with this woman who claimed to be avenging her sister, but who had done nothing right.

Ah Luo hurriedly wiped her tears. “You will certainly beat her up, my lady.”

Like a child who now had an adult behind her, she held her head high and forgot her pain.

Gu Bailu patted her head and said, “That woman must be a shrewd one. We must act wisely if we want to defeat her.”

It wasn’t that Gu Bailu wasn’t confident in herself, but that she would rather be prepared.

General Bai was a genius whom even Feng Qingtian appreciated. Her sister couldn’t be much weaker than her.

More importantly, she had even crushed Ah Luo.

So, Gu Bailu didn’t want to be rash, or it would be humiliating if she got beaten up too.

“My lady, you’re always smart.” Ah Luo quickly nodded her head.

She was certain that her lady would settle the score for her.

While walking in the enormous garden, Gu Bailu suddenly realized that this wasn’t right.

As Princess Zi, she was the lady of this house. Although she didn’t want it, she should certainly make use of that power now that she had it.

She shouldn’t get back at the enemy in person after her subordinate was beaten up.

“Ye Ying, go capture that woman for me.”

Ye Ying was relieved. For once, the princess finally recognized her identity.

“Yes, at once.”

Ye Ying suddenly disappeared.

Gu Bailu blinked and said, “Why is she in even more of a hurry than I am? Ah Luo, do you think she likes you?”

Ah Luo shook her head. “I don’t want her to like me. I only want you to like me, my lady.”

“That’s my good girl. I am always the warmest harbor for you. Let’s go back and have meat.”

Ah Luo grinned broadly.

The reason Ye Ying left so quickly wasn’t to capture the woman, but to go to Prince Zi’s study.