291 Ah Luo Got Beaten Up?

“Only if you win.” Gu Bailu sat down at the table.

Ah Luo ran off like a rabbit.

Gu Bailu asked Ye Ying curiously, “Who did your lord bring back to make Ah Luo so angry?”

Normally, Ah Luo never asked for trouble.

“Rest assured, princess. It was the woman who attacked the lord. She’s been making a fuss because she thinks that the lord got her sister killed.”

“Oh… the woman who wants revenge on Prince Zi… Does her sister and your lord have a history?”

“General Bai is dead.”

“I know that she’s dead.”

Why else would her sister be trying to kill Prince Zi to avenge her?

“General Bai was the lord’s trusted subordinate and a most brilliant genius on this continent, but unfortunately, she is now deceased.”

“God is always jealous of geniuses.” Gu Bailu smiled and said, “I thought that your lord never keeps women around him. I didn’t know that he had a female subordinate.”

Ye Ying explained, “Many women from the Ye family run errands for the lord, but rest assured, princess, none of them are qualified to approach the lord. General Bai only pretended to be a man so that the lord would take her in.”

Oh, another version of Mulan.

Considering Feng Qingtian’s tolerance of her sister, General Bai must’ve been important to him.

But Gu Bailu knew that the only reason General Bai had joined the army was actually to get close to Feng Qingtian.

Otherwise, why would a talented woman pretend to be a man?

Now that she thought about it, Feng Qingtian had told her to wear men’s clothes too at the beginning.

Was General Bai the reason for that demand?

“So, your lord took in the old friend’s sister to take care of her?”

“General Bai made great contributions to the country, and her sister looks very similar to her. The lord can’t turn a blind eye to her.”

Gu Bailu said, “I didn’t know that your lord is such a faithful man.”

“Our lord seems cold and cruel, but he’s actually good to his subordinates.”

Gu Bailu knew that very well. Real leaders never commanded their subordinates with power or oppression, but with fairness and reward.

Judging from how organized this house was, Prince Zi must have tremendously loyal supporters.

“Since General Bai made great contributions, her sister should be properly rewarded. I think she can be a concubine.”

After all, a man could have as many concubines as he wanted.

Ye Ying’s lips twitched. Her lord had asked her to tell the princess about General Bai’s sister, and to gauge the princess’s attitude.

But the princess didn’t seem jealous at all, and even proposed to make the woman a concubine…

How should she report this to her lord?

Her lord expected the princess to be jealous.

Ye Ying was so worried. From the moment she started serving the princess, she was constantly troubled, because the princess was highly unconventional and didn’t seem to really care about anything.

“My lady, I can’t have meat now…” In the midst of Ye Ying’s worries, Ah Luo ran over, crying.

“The meat is right here. Nobody is competing with you for it. Why are you crying?” Gu Bailu handed her a plate of meat.

“My lady, I lost the fight. I don’t deserve any meat…”

Gu Bailu raised her head, only to see that Ah Luo’s hair was in a mess and that there was blood on her forehead and her lips.