290 The Lord Has Returned With a Woman

The woman was quite annoying.

She almost hurt Gu Bailu last time, and had barged in yet again.

This was the first woman Gu Bailu had ever seen who was so fearless in Prince Zi’s presence.

More importantly, the woman was still alive after what she had done.

Feng Qingtian said that he would arrest her. Why was she still free?

“She’s the sister of an old friend of sorts,” said Feng Qingtian.

Gu Bailu snorted. “You said you didn’t know her last time.”

“I really didn’t, but I asked Qin Shou to look into her later. I never let go of anyone who intends to hurt you.”

“So? This is how you do that? She simply broke in!”

Would the Ye guards and Qin Shou have allowed her to break in if she didn’t have any privileges?

Even a mosquito wouldn’t have been able to escape their attention.

“I didn’t expect her to do that either…”

“You didn’t see it coming, or is it because your ‘old friend’ is a woman?”

Why would a man who couldn’t stop himself from killing any woman who got close to him have a female friend?

“It won’t happen again.” Feng Qingtian carried her out.

He had let the woman go before for old times’ sake.

But the woman had come back to create another ruckus, which he couldn’t tolerate anymore.

“It won’t? What did you say to me last time? You said that I could interrogate her! But you let her go after finding out who she is?”

It wasn’t like Gu Bailu truly hated that woman. She simply felt that Feng Qingtian had gone back on his word.

Also, an old friend who was a woman?

Based on what the attacker had said before, that old friend had even died for him.

Gu Bailu thought that Feng Qingtian hadn’t been involved with any women other than Nan Ningxin. But another one had popped up.

He was having affairs even when there was something wrong with his body. What would he be like if his body was fine?

“Well… my old friend asked me to take care of her sister before she died. Her death had something to do with me too…”

Feng Qingtian hadn’t expected Gu Bailu’s overreaction.

Since Gu Bailu had defended the woman last time, he thought that Gu Bailu wouldn’t really care.

“Have you been faking your misogyny?” Gu Bailu snorted and ignored him.

Now that she was angry, she stopped feeling embarrassed.

They got back into the carriage. Gu Bailu saw that Feng Qingtian’s hair was still gross with sauce.

And she had almost had sex with such a filthy man just now.

God, please let me wake up to find that this is just a dream…

Thinking to herself, Gu Bailu fell asleep in the carriage.

When she woke up in her bed, Ah Luo said angrily, “My lady, you’re still sleeping? Prince Zi just returned with a hideous woman.”

Gu Bailu sat up and noticed that it was already night. “It’s Feng Qingtian’s business who he wants to bring back. Let’s have dinner first.”

She was hungry, as she had thrown the Prince Zi duck she was supposed to have for lunch in Feng Qingtian’s face.

“This is your house, my lady. Ah Luo doesn’t want other women to steal your things. Ah Luo will kick her out.”

“Then go and do it.”

After all, Gu Bailu was Princess Zi now, and her maid enjoyed impunity.

As if they knew that Gu Bailu was hungry, Ye Ying and a few maids brought her delicious food.

Ah Luo’s eyes glowed when she saw the meat. She rose and said, “My lady, I’ll beat her up first, but save the meat for me.”