288 Let“s Go to Hell Together

Gu Bailu was completely dumbfounded by the light and the cold wind.

She shivered in the cold, but was soon covered in something.

Gu Bailu lowered her head, only to see Feng Qingtian’s bare legs in the wind.

His pants were half-off. He was holding them up in one hand and covering the both of them with a cloak with the other.

But his expression was as offhand as ever, as if nothing had happened.

Even at that moment, his genitals were still stuck to her without softening at all.

Gu Bailu felt like killing herself now that someone had caught her in the middle of such a humiliating thing.

Could she ever lift her head again?

The woman who had kicked the screen was stunned too. She saw a girl in a weird position, and Prince Zi, who was taking off his pants.

However, Prince Zi was so fast that she didn’t see anything else after that.

“Get lost!” Feng Qingtian roared, and knocked the woman away.

The screen went back up again to create a partition.

The guards outside quickly came in and caught the intruder.

Gu Bailu looked at him and said, “Let’s die together.”

Why should she live on after embarrassing herself like that?

Feng Qingtian kissed her and said, “What are you talking about?”

“There’s no reason to live after being caught in the middle of something like this!”

“We’re just dual cultivating. Nobody saw you.”

Feng Qingtian had covered Gu Bailu with his own body and the cloak right away. Nobody could’ve seen her.

“You’re just deluding yourself. Your pants were off, and everybody saw your bare legs…”

The store wasn’t open yet, but there were still several clerks and cleaners here.

When the screen fell just now, everybody had looked over.

Even though Feng Qingtian had reacted fast enough, they could easily tell what he was doing from his naked appearance and posture.

Feng Qingtian stroked her back and said, “It’s fine. We’re a couple.”

“So what? They’re definitely going to slander me.”

Everybody in Pale Emperor City would regard her as a sl*t after finding out what happened here.

She was furious that she was going to be vilified again.

“Just leave them alone. Let’s continue.” Feng Qingtian thrust forward, and Gu Bailu’s eyes widened. “You’re continuing?”

After the shock just now?

“Since they’re going to curse you anyway, why don’t we finish? I like you, anyway. What can they do to you?”

Gu Bailu bashed his back angrily. “Let me go! I want to go home!”

This man was truly brazen to continue after such humiliation.

Feng Qingtian chuckled and said, “I was kidding. Don’t be nervous. They won’t dare say anything no matter how bold they are.”

Gu Bailu bit his ear hard. “It won’t be you that they gossip about. Of course you’re not worried.”

Women always suffered worse than men when it came to having multiple sex partners.