286 Steal the Night Lotus

She knew Nan Ningxin’s past life very well, too.

After Nan Ningxin stole the Sky Splitting Mirror from her, the woman came to this world and claimed the real Nan Ningxin’s body, then controlled the Night Lotus and pretended to be Feng Qingtian’s former lover.

What was she up to?

“You mentioned the Fire of Hell? Where did you learn about the Fire of Hell?” Feng Qingtian held back his discomfiture. He didn’t expect Gu Bailu to be so resistant.

He thought that Gu Bailu would be happy when he told her that she was the one he loved.

But her resistance was clear.

“I dreamed it. It was just a fire with a scary name which didn’t kill me.”

Feng Qingtian suddenly grabbed her excitedly. “A dream? You were burning in the Fire of Hell?”

Gu Bailu pushed him hard. “Why are you so excited? It’s just a dream. Nothing happened.”

She subconsciously felt that her dream would be a breakthrough of some sort.

Was the reason Feng Qingtian asked her if they knew each other every time she mentioned the Fire of Hell because she was a lot like his lover from his past life?

Was that the reason why she could approach and sleep with him?

“Something definitely happened. Did you dream that you were burning in the fire?”

“I feel like I’m burning every time I have a fever.”

“Lulu, answer me carefully. This is very important to me. I think that Nan Ningxin has changed too much. Something must be wrong.”

Gu Bailu chuckled. “You’re suspicious of Nan Ningxin, too? That’s easy. I’ll get the Night Lotus, and you’ll know if Nan Ningxin is your former lover.”

“No, the Night Lotus is too dangerous for you.”

He remembered that Gu Bailu had almost been destroyed when she tried to seize the Night Lotus.

“If I hadn’t reacted fast enough, you would’ve disappeared from this world. Drop that thought and don’t risk yourself.”

He was worried that Gu Bailu would try to steal it behind his back.

She hated Nan Ningxin so much that she certainly didn’t want him to protect Nan Ningxin anymore.

“It’s not that serious. That spiritual plant is nothing.” Gu Bailu had never found the Night Lotus dangerous.

“You’re so confident?” Feng Qingtian was even more suspicious.

Why was the Night Lotus like a toy to Gu Bailu, when everybody else was scared of it?

“Of course. I have too many things to do to get myself killed right now. Ask Nan Ningxin out and knock her out somehow, and I’ll try to take the Night Lotus.”

Feng Qingtian held her hands. “Don’t even think about it. The Night Lotus really isn’t as simple as you imagine.”

If the Night Lotus didn’t resist her, he could let her try it.

But last time, the Night Lotus hadn’t shown her any mercy, even if it hadn’t reacted as powerfully to Gu Bailu as to other people.

It was possible that the Night Lotus had forgotten how to fight after all these years.

But even weakened, it still almost obliterated her.

He certainly wouldn’t allow Gu Bailu to take the risk.

Whether or not Nan Ningxin was the woman from his past life, he had no feelings for her now.