284 Your Hear

“What do you want from me as your wife?” Gu Bailu asked in confusion.

“What can you give me?” Feng Qingtian asked her in return.

Gu Bailu thought that there was nothing she could offer except her body.

Of course, there was something else from her body that she could offer – a child.

“You want a child?” Gu Bailu asked.

“Isn’t that what you want?”

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. When was he going to get over it? She didn’t want a child at all!

She had only said that earlier to trick him.

“I’m already the princess; I don’t need a child to defend my position,” said Gu Bailu casually. “You’ve already abandoned Nan Ningxin?”

Was this an example of physical love conquering romantic love?

Feng Qingtian looked at her gloomily. “Like I’ve told you a thousand times, I have no feelings for Nan Ningxin.”

“Who would believe that?”

Why would he defend Nan Ningxin so passionately if he had no feelings for her at all?

Feng Qingtian didn’t like that Gu Bailu wasn’t concerned or jealous about his relationship with another woman.

Because his own possessiveness was out of control, he hoped that Gu Bailu could care more for him.

But he also knew that she would never fall in love with him until Nan Ningxin was out of the picture.

“If anything, I only feel guilty toward Nan Ningxin.”

Interested, Gu Bailu asked, “Why? What did you do to her? Did you lose the ability to touch her after you claimed her virginity…?”

Gu Bailu’s thoughts wandered. She remembered that Feng Qingtian’s misogyny started ten years ago, but that didn’t mean that he hadn’t touched any women before that.

One of her classmates in the modern era bragged that he and his friend once had sex on the way back home when they were in elementary school.

At that time, he was only seven or eight…

But this man got divorced later in life. She heard that he couldn’t perform sexually.

So, maturing too early might have side effects.

Feng Qingtian was probably the same. It was why he became impotent later.

But that didn’t feel right. Feng Qingtian was very frisky with her…

Wait, now that she thought about it, he actually wasn’t that randy, even with her.

The first time, she had been on top. The second time, she was unconscious, but her body wasn’t sore when she woke up, which suggested that Feng Qingtian hadn’t lasted long.

The third time, he passed out halfway through.

The fourth time, she fell asleep. She was sore the next day, but she didn’t know how long he had lasted at all. Was it possible that Feng Qingtian really was impotent?

Feng Qingtian had no idea that Gu Bailu was now completely disdaining him.

He put his hand on Gu Bailu’s head, then pulled her into his arms. “What are you thinking? I feel guilty toward her because of our past life.”

Gu Bailu looked at him suspiciously. “Past life? You weren’t lovers in your past life, were you?”

Feng Qingtian rubbed her head. “I don’t remember what happened in my past life, exactly, but I remember that I had a devoted lover…”

Gu Bailu’s eyes widened. “And she was Nan Ningxin? How blind were you to fall in love with her?”