283 What About Miss Murong?

Holding her hand, Feng Qingtian led her down the street with sticky sauce in his hair that reeked of the unique smell of Prince Zi duck.

Everybody cleared the way for them with complicated thoughts.

It wasn’t until they were far away that the people finally made some noise.

“Who poured the duck sauce over Prince Zi’s head?”

“That woman, of course! She even slapped him!”

“How can that be? That woman should be disciplined!”

“But Prince Zi is fine with it. The way I see it, Prince Zi is a real man who spoils and indulges the woman he loves.”

“What’s so good about that loser? Why is Prince Zi so nice to her?”

“Because she’s Princess Zi.”

“What Princess Zi? I didn’t see any marriage ceremony. She’s just a girl who can sleep with him.”

The manager got up from the ground in a panic and pinched his thigh.

It hurt!

He was alive – it wasn’t a dream.

The princess had thrown a duck at Prince Zi’s head for real.

She was truly savage.

Stumbling out of the room, he heard people talking about Gu Bailu in the hall.

He roared, “What do you know? Princess Zi is on the list of royal family members. You’ll be killed if you gossip about her!”

The restaurant fell into utter silence once again.

She was on the list of royal family members?

When did that happen?

Nobody could be added to the list of royal family members without the patriarch’s approval.

Who was the patriarch? The emperor of Southern Glory Empire, of course.

Why would the emperor allow a loser to enter the royal family?

It was fine if she was a bed toy, but how could she be Prince Zi’s wife, and perhaps the future queen, when she was a good-for-nothing?

“Manager, are you sure that’s true?”

“Of course! Princess Zi was holding the list of royal family members in her hand when she left. Prince Zi gave it to her himself.”

If Prince Zi hadn’t given it to her, he could have ended up with something worse than duck sauce on his head.

But the manager didn’t dare think beyond that.

“Princess Zi is bold enough to slap Prince Zi. How do you think she’ll punish you if you speak badly of her? Just focus on your food already, or you’ll be banished from this restaurant.”

The manager felt that he was lucky to be alive because Prince Zi loved Princess Zi.

Otherwise, he would’ve been killed if Prince Zi had exploded with rage.

So, Princess Zi had indirectly saved him, and he had to be grateful for that!

People still found it hard to believe that a loser had become Princess Zi, a title that so many women coveted.

What about Miss Murong?

Everybody in Pale Emperor City had thought that she was the one most likely to become Princess Zi.

“Miss Murong must be crying.”

“It’s not like she hasn’t cried already. But wait, Prince Zi escorted her back to the Murong family house today.”

“Prince Zi has feelings for Miss Murong, too.”

“Feelings are unimportant. What Prince Zi needs most right now is a child.”

Gu Bailu couldn’t hear what people were saying about her, nor was she interested.

She was still stunned; she was angry that Feng Qingtian had made her his wife, as well as curious about what he was going to do after this.