282 This Married Man Is Your Husband

Why did she want to break up with him? Did she hate him that much?

He certainly wouldn’t let her go so easily!

“That’s because you tricked me. You didn’t tell me that you were married! You shameless liar!”

“Wait, how did I trick you?”

His eyes glowing, Qin Shou said, “Erm… my lord, I think the princess might have misunderstood you.”

“Don’t call me princess. It’s disgusting!” Gu Bailu roared.

Feng Qingtian’s pretty face was darker than ever. “Princess” was disgusting to her?

“Gu Bailu, no matter how much you hate me, you cannot change what happened. Come back with me.”

“I don’t want to change what happened, but I’ll never go back with you.”

Qin Shou said anxiously, “Princess, it’s true that my lord is a married man. But, he’s married to you!”

“Whoever he’s married to, he’s not qualified to…” Gu Bailu suddenly stopped and looked at Feng Qingtian in shock. “Wait, who are you married to?”

Feng Qingtian gave her a yellow book.

Gu Bailu opened it suspiciously, only to discover that it was a list of Prince Zi’s family members.

Even the emperor’s name was in it.

She read on and saw her own name, listed as the wife of the thirteenth Prince Zi.

Her birthday was next to her name, confirming that it was her instead of someone else with the same name.

“Isn’t it Nan Ningxin?” Gu Bailu was confused.

What the hell? Had Nan Ningxin been bluffing when she claimed that she was Princess Zi?

“You think everyone’s addressing you as princess for fun?” Feng Qingtian couldn’t be angrier.

This ungrateful woman thought that he married someone else when he had done so much for her.

So, was she angry just now because she thought that he married Nan Ningxin, not because he married her without discussing it with her?

Gu Bailu was at a loss. How should she react right now?

She had been furious just now because she thought that Feng Qingtian was a married man, but he turned out to be her legal husband.

But she certainly wasn’t very happy.

No proposal, no bridal gifts, no ceremony… She didn’t even know that she had become someone’s wife…


What could she say?

Her feelings were complicated.

If Feng Qingtian had told her earlier that he had married her, she could have thrown a tantrum at him then.

But after the earlier misunderstanding, she was too tired to make a fuss anymore after finding out that she was his rightful wife.

Should she feel happy that she wasn’t a mistress?

“Let’s go home. You look awful.”

Looking at the filthy Feng Qingtian, Gu Bailu couldn’t refuse him again.

Holding her hand, Feng Qingtian left the restaurant.

Everybody outside the restaurant fell silent when they saw them.

Looking at the shocked audience and Feng Qingtian, Gu Bailu coughed. “Should we… teleport?”

Didn’t Feng Qingtian find it embarrassing that his clothes were so dirty?

“No, I’m showing everyone what a bully Princess Zi is.”

Gu Bailu sweated hard. “That was your fault.”

Right now, she was worrying over how she was to break away from the list of royal family members.

She didn’t want to be Princess Zi.