281 Married Man?

He wanted to take her back to his home after he had already married Nan Ningxin?

What an unscrupulous man!

It was delightful when Gu Bailu could piss Nan Ningxin off, but she refused to act immorally.

She claimed that she would sleep with Nan Ningxin’s man, but that had just been to enrage her.

Now that Feng Qingtian had become Nan Ningxin’s husband, Gu Bailu would never touch him again.

“Whose home is it if not yours?” Feng Qingtian said, “Alright, what’s done is done. I won’t let you go.”

Gu Bailu picked up a plate of duck from the table and threw it at his face. “You think I won’t use a weapon?”

I won’t let you go? That sounded so arrogant.

It sounded like he wouldn’t divorce Nan Ningxin, but he still wanted to sleep with Gu Bailu.

Gu Bailu felt a strong desire to beat him up.

Feng Qingtian’s head was drenched in the sauce from the plate, and a piece of duck meat wobbled on his head before it fell to the floor.

Qin Shou was completely dumbfounded.

Even Ah Luo was shocked. She said pitifully, “My lady… I haven’t had the Prince Zi duck yet…”

What a great waste of delicious food!

Gu Bailu rubbed her head and said, “Be a good girl. I’ll buy more for you later.”

Feng Qingtian stood still, but everybody felt the air in the room freeze.

The manager felt that it was about time he could start serving food again, so he opened the door of the room, only to drop the tray in his hand.

What was he seeing?

The powerful and majestic Prince Zi had duck sauce all over his hair.

The sauce even dripped down his face onto his black robe and the floor.

The manager’s heart felt tight, as if someone had tied it up with rope.

Dear god! What, exactly, was he seeing?

Princess Zi, on the other hand, even told her maid that she would buy her more food later.

They even thought that throwing Prince Zi duck at Prince Zi was a waste.

Qin Shou glared at the manager.

I’m really screwed this time! The manager immediately sweated hard.

He hurriedly fell to his knees, not even daring to beg for mercy.

Qin Shou hurriedly offered a handkerchief. “My… my lord, please wipe it off first.”

Even if he had a second brain, he still wouldn’t know what to do.

If someone else had done this to his lord, he would’ve killed them, but it was the princess.

A princess whom his lord liked, even after she slapped him, no less.

Wiping the sauce off his face with the handkerchief, Feng Qingtian narrowed his eyes at Gu Bailu. “Is this enough?”

Gu Bailu snorted. “Not at all. Let’s just go our separate ways – screw the contract!”

Feng Qingtian grabbed her hand. “You’re already on the list of members of the royal family. You can’t just get away from that.”

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. “Let me tell you again: I will not touch a married man!”

“What married man?” Feng Qingtian narrowed his eyes.

“I mean you!” Gu Bailu kicked him and tried to slap him again.

“You’ve touched me so many times, and you say you’ll never do that?” Feng Qingtian’s eyes turned cold.