280 If You Have Beaten Me Enough, Let“s Go Home

“Sorry, my hand slipped.”

Gu Bailu blew on her hand. She forgot that Feng Qingtian was too strong for her to hurt without getting hurt herself first!

That had been a really bad decision.

“Does it hurt?” Feng Qingtian grabbed her hand and said helplessly, “Why did you have to hit me?”

Gu Bailu was bummed. She had slapped him because she was angry, but she didn’t realize that she was so weak.

At that moment, she wished that she had spiritual power.

“I said that my hand slipped.”

She wouldn’t admit that she had gotten hurt after trying to hurt someone else.

Feng Qingtian rubbed Gu Bailu’s hand, which had turned red.

The natural backlash from the strike must’ve hurt her.

“Use a weapon next time you want to hit me, not your hand.” Feng Qingtian smeared balm on it.

Half the burning pain in her hand faded the moment he applied the balm.

Gu Bailu thought that she was probably the first person ever to get hurt from slapping someone.

Blushing, she coughed to cover her embarrassment.

“I didn’t know that your skin is so tough.”

He wanted her to use a weapon? Was this man a psycho?

“Alright, tell me why you hit me,” Feng Qingtian looked at her and asked.

“You deserved it.”

The manager silently left; he didn’t dare listen any longer.

What happened today was beyond his imagination.

Prince Zi was slapped in the face for real!

A man’s fortune lay in his face. That was why slapping the face was taboo.

But Princess Zi was so fierce that she slapped Prince Zi’s charming face!

Her own hand was hurt, yet Prince Zi helped treat it!

The manager thought that he was hallucinating.

He shook his head and took the two plates of Prince Zi duck back into the kitchen.

The chef asked, “What’s wrong, manager? Is Prince Zi not satisfied with the duck?”

“Prince Zi does not need duck right now… Xiao Zhu, what would you do if your wife slaps you in the face?”

Xiao Zhu exclaimed, “She wouldn’t! If she does, I’ll definitely slap her to death!”

The manager’s eyes glittered. “That’s right. That’s very understandable.”

“Manager, why are you suddenly asking that? You can’t indulge women all the time, or they’ll get used to bossing you around.”

The manager sighed. “No wonder you’re just a chef and I’m just a minor manager.”

Only a man like Prince Zi could indulge a woman like that.

People like them feared that women would grow wild if they indulged them.

However, Prince Zi would still be the high and mighty Prince Zi, no matter what his woman did to him. Nobody else would dare disrespect him.

The chef was confused. Why was the manager thinking such complicated thoughts?

“What’s wrong with you, manager?”

The manager couldn’t help but tell him what just happened.

Shocked, the chef told somebody else.

Very soon, word of the incident spread through the entire restaurant like wildfire.

In the room upstairs, Gu Bailu didn’t know that people were judging her for what a hoodlum she was.

Sitting opposite her, Feng Qingtian said, “Fine, now that you’ve slapped me, you shouldn’t be angry anymore. Let’s go home.”

“I won’t. That’s not my home.”

Gu Bailu felt like slapping him again. How could he be so shameless?