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Dignity was nothing in front of preserving one’s life.

Gu Bailu believed that she had lost all dignity after the Gu family was massacred.

To live and seek revenge on those people, she was willing to do anything.

1She was fearless!

“Not a beast, and not any other man?”

“No, just you.”

The coldness in Feng Qingtian’s eyes was gone, replaced with vivid color.

“Remember what you said.” Feng Qingtian kissed her.

1The roaring lion hid in the jungle, as if it had never appeared.


Just as Prince Zi’s chef began to complain about Ah Luo, Gu Bailu finally woke up.

1She found herself in a big bed with a jade pillow under her head. Energy seemed to flow out of the pillow into her head.

She felt exhausted, but her brain was exceptionally clear.

“My lady, you’re awake!” Ah Luo shouted in delight, food in her mouth.

Gu Bailu sat up. She felt exhausted, but she wasn’t sore at all.

The poison was too potent to be neutralized in just one or two rounds. Why didn’t she feel sore at all?

“Ah Luo, how long was I asleep?”

“My lady, three days! I was so scared that you would abandon me,” Ah Luo hugged her and said pitifully.

Three days without any food. No wonder she didn’t have any strength.

Had her body recovered after three days?

She didn’t remember anything about the detoxification process this time.

“With you by my side, the God of Death won’t dare take me unless he wants to be killed.” Gu Bailu patted Ah Luo. “Bring me some food.”

Now that she was back on her feet, she needed to keep working.

Worse came to worse, she would just become a bed-warmer. Sleeping with just one man wasn’t that unacceptable.

After she had food, Gu Bailu went to look for Feng Qingtian, only to be refused by the servant. “My lord said that you should leave once you’re awake. This isn’t your house.”

2Sitting in the courtyard, Gu Bailu felt that the sun was dazzling.

What did Feng Qingtian mean?

He didn’t need her to warm his bed anymore?

“Ask your lord if this is the end of what happened between us this time.”

Very soon, the servant came back solemnly. “The lord said that it isn’t a pity to give you up at all.”

Gu Bailu was stunned. Did he think that she wasn’t good enough?


That was certainly worth celebrating.

“Ah Luo, tip everybody in this house.”

1She had won a lot of money after all.

Gu Bailu gave away money as she left. After she left the house, she felt that the air was unprecedentedly fresh.

“My lord, Miss Gu is gone,” Qin Shou reported.

On the couch, Feng Qingtian casually said, “That’s good.”

“She tipped all the servants in the house. She seemed happy.”

Feng Qingtian sneered. “What an ungrateful woman.”

2She didn’t thank her lifesaver.

“My lord, she’s the only woman you can touch. Why don’t you marry her so that people from the royal palace won’t complain anymore?”

1Feng Qingtian gazed at Qin Shou. “I’m not marrying her. You won’t be let off if you say anything like that again.”

Qin Shou hurried to kneel. “Understood. I was wrong.”