279 I“ll Slap You Whether You Accept It or No

“That’s the sadness of mankind. Nobody can remember their past life. Those who used to be dearest to them mean nothing in their new life.”

Standing before the restaurant, Feng Qingtian looked at the pink figure inside and said casually, “But I don’t think she’ll change.”

Qin Shou looked over, only to see Gu Bailu biting a duck’s leg and complimenting it. “This Prince Zi duck is delicious, isn’t it? I’ll name all the dishes after Prince Zi when my restaurant opens. The money will flood in.”

Qin Shou sweated. Princess, is it really good to treat my lord like this?

“My lady, why is it delicious when it’s named after Prince Zi?” Ah Luo was confused.

“Because Prince Zi is yummy.”

“Is that so? I’ll offer you a good treat tonight.”

A cold voice rang out. Gu Bailu turned around and saw Feng Qingtian, whose face was grim.

Gu Bailu exclaimed in delight, “Boss, Prince Zi is here for Prince Zi duck. Give me another two bowls.”


Qin Shou was worried. Could such a woman really become Princess Zi?

Would the lord die too young of rage?

Feng Qingtian grabbed her hand and threw the duck leg on the table. “I’ll wash myself clean and give it to you. Let’s go, Princess Duck.”

Gu Bailu wasn’t happy. “You’re calling the wrong person. Princess Duck is Nan Ningxin.”

“You are what I say you are.” Feng Qingtian wiped her hand with a handkerchief. “Let’s go home.”

“No, I haven’t finished yet!”

“Do you still want to dual cultivate?” Feng Qingtian gazed at her.

Gu Bailu frowned. Without dual cultivation, she would have to carry his babies.

Dual cultivation could make her advance faster without the risk of getting pregnant.

She had read the book on dual cultivation. Although it involved penetration, climax wasn’t involved.

Naturally, she preferred dual cultivation.

However, after knowing that he was going to marry Nan Ningxin, she was no longer interested in dual cultivating with him.

“Of course, but not necessarily with you.” Gu Bailu took back her hand.

Feng Qingtian, however, gripped her even more tightly. “What did you say?”

“I don’t do that with a married man.”

“I’ve been a married man for a long time.”

Gu Bailu looked at him in shock. “What do you mean?”

Had she been sleeping with Nan Ningxin’s husband?

Dear heavens, please don’t be so evil.

Identity wasn’t a big deal, but this was a matter of ethics.

Whoever Feng Qingtian liked in the past, he had at least come across as a bachelor to her.

Had he been lying to her to push her into such an awkward position?

No wonder Nan Ningxin was so confident…

“You have to come back with me if you want to know what it means. Whether you accept it or not, I won’t let you go.”

Gu Bailu slapped him in the face. “Whether you accept it or not, I’ll slap you.”

Feng Qingtian was stunned. He really didn’t expect Gu Bailu to slap him.

Qin Shou was even more stunned. The princess had slapped his lord… How could she bear to slap such a pretty face?

The manager had just opened the door to serve the food when he heard the slap.

The manager felt sorry for Princess Zi. She shouldn’t slap such a gorgeous face.

However, he felt even more sorry for himself, as he wondered if he would be killed for witnessing Prince Zi’s humiliation.

“Gu Bailu, you hit me?” Feng Qingtian looked at her in disbelief.