Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 277

277 Did They Return Together?

Nan Ningxin’s eyes turned sharp. “Don’t get cocky. You’ll be worthless after he’s had enough of sleeping with you.”

Gu Bailu smiled. “How interesting. Why would he get enough of sleeping with me? He’ll remember me every time he feels the urge at night.”

“By the time I become Princess Zi, you’ll be nothing more than a concubine.”

“I don’t know if you’re going to be Princess Zi, but Prince Zi announced to all the people in the entire city that I’m his woman. He didn’t mention anything about you.”

“Qingtian and I are meant for each other, and you’re just a shameless mistress.” Nan Ningxin was enraged.

“How can real soulmates not touch each other? You’re not meant for each other at all.”

“You’ll know whether or not we are when I become Princess Zi. Qingtian said that the title was mine as long as I wanted it.”

“And to have nothing but a title for the rest of your life? How sad.”

Gu Bailu stood up and stretched. “I would love to see you die old and alone, but I’m afraid that you won’t be able to live that long.”

Nan Ningxin’s eyes were savage. “You were hopelessly idiotic back then, and you still can’t do anything about me right now. If I were you, I’d kill myself.”

Nan Ningxin threw Gu Bailu’s words back at her.

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Hehe, I won’t. I’ll steal your man and sleep with him, and make you suffer.”

Nan Ningxin’s face shone with ruthlessness. “Let’s see who the winner will be.”

Gu Bailu walked further into the store. “Get lost. It’s disgusting to talk to you. If I throw up again, Qingqing will think that I’m pregnant, and put the doctors to unnecessary trouble.”

Fire appeared in Nan Ningxin’s hand in her fury. It was gold, and like nothing that Gu Bailu had ever seen before.

She saw that Nan Ningxin’s aura was gold.

It only belonged to those who were extremely fortunate or who had done many good things.

Why did someone as merciless as Nan Ningxin have a gold aura?

“You want a fight?” Gu Bailu held a rune. “Let’s get started then. Why are you holding back?”

Nan Ningxin suddenly smiled. “I have to count on your help in the future. We’ll serve Prince Zi together.”

Gu Bailu looked ahead. As she expected, Feng Qingtian, who had been away for two days, was right behind Nan Ningxin.

No wonder her attitude changed so quickly.

Feng Qingtian was expressionless. There was no telling what was on his mind.

Did they return together?

“That’s great. I would love to serve him with you, but please make sure that you can climb into Prince Zi’s bed first.” Gu Bailu sniffed and went to the back of the store.

Nan Ningxin would definitely act fake now that Feng Qingtian was here. Gu Bailu didn’t want to be disgusted.

Nan Ningxin was more fun when she unleashed her true nature.

Nan Ningxin stood there, tears in her eyes. She then suddenly turned around and wiped the tears away when she saw Feng Qingtian.

“Prince Zi…” she called in the most affectionate way.