276 I Got It From the Previous Life

There was a black cluster between the chef’s eyes. It was darkening, and would probably burst out at night.

The bed was a safe place. He probably could avoid it if he stayed in bed.

The chef was stunned, not expecting the princess to say that.

“Thank you, my lady. I’ll remember that.”

Gu Bailu had him withdraw. She knew that the man didn’t really think much of what she had said.

She had done what she should. It wasn’t her fault if he didn’t listen to her.

Because of the progress brought about by dual cultivation, Gu Bailu began to look forward to the night.

However, she waited for a long time, but neither Feng Qingtian nor Qin Shou returned.

They must’ve gone to meet Nan Ningxin again.

Gu Bailu felt bummed thinking about it, but she could only dual cultivate with such a man.

Thankfully, Feng Qingtian still couldn’t touch Nan Ningxin. While his heart wasn’t with Gu Bailu, his body had been pure before this, at least.

However, since they were dual cultivating together, she needed to set certain ground rules.

Feng Qingtian still wasn’t back by the time her store was renovated.

Nan Ningxin, on the other hand, returned.

The day Nan Ningxin returned, Gu Bailu was counting the people on the street from her store in boredom.

Her eyes lit up when she saw a beautiful girl walk in.

But her mood dimmed when she saw who it was.

Nan Ningxin was wearing a white dress which made her look like a blossoming lotus flower, sacred and elegant.

Gu Bailu stared at her, trying to see her past.

However, Nan Ningxin’s level of spiritual power was still too high for her.

Nan Ningxin walked toward her confidently on her pointy high-heels.

Gu Bailu looked at her, her legs crossed.

“You seem to love me, Miss Nan. You’ve come to me right after you returned,” Gu Bailu said with a fake smile.

Nan Ningxin mocked, “You’re rather idle.”

“Not at all. I’m busy thinking about how to cut my enemy into pieces.”

“I fear that you won’t get the chance. Why don’t you behave and stick around as a tool for Qingtian’s desires? If I’m satisfied, I might consider letting you have one of his children and stop him from kicking you out.”

Gu Bailu laughed. “How interesting and generous of you, Miss Nan.”

Nan Ningxin’s face changed slightly, but she soon whispered with a grin, “No matter how good you are in bed, he can only be my man. I will be Princess Zi.”

“Yes, he’s your man, except that I sleep with him every day. He’s good and he can last, which is better than most men.”

Nan Ningxin sniffed. “You think you can cover up the fact that you’re just his whore by putting it like that?”

“Did you really live in the 21st century before? ‘I was sleeping with him when he was with her.’ The joy is mutual. Prince Zi is handsome, rich, strong and skilled in bed. His thing is also reserved for me. I’m truly lucky to be able to sleep with him.

“Also, some people say that sex and love can’t be separated. How much do you think he loves you if he doesn’t want to sleep with you? You can tolerate your man sleeping with other women every day? If I were you, I’d kill myself.”