274 Carry Out the Familial Arts

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Ah Luo, beat him up and show him what a real vixen is like.”

Ah Luo shoved the manager to the ground.

“Hit his face! Make it swell!” Gu Bailu shouted.

As an obedient maid, Ah Luo stomped on the manager’s face until it turned into a pulp.

Gu Bailu squatted and nodded in satisfaction. “I like how straightforward you are. You’re not like your lady, who has been playing dirty her entire life.”

Then, she left with Ah Luo.

The bystanders whispered to each other about how arrogant she was when she had Prince Zi’s support.

She couldn’t care less about her reputation.

Gu Bailu looked at the crowd and didn’t find Gu Yunjing.

Had he returned to Heavenly Palace Cliff with a broken heart?

Gu Bailu didn’t see Gu Yunjing today, because he went to the Manor of the Herb King.

Nan Ningxin was cultivating in the Manor of the Herb King. She was only one step away from her level-up.

“What brings you here?” Nan Ningxin changed her clothes and met with Gu Yunjing.

The man under the tree was tall and gorgeous.

After all this time, she still didn’t know what this proud man truly wanted.

“What is the situation with Prince Zi? I want the truth,” Gu Yunjing asked coldly.

He had clearly sensed Feng Qingtian’s blatant possessiveness of Gu Bailu this time.

Before, he at least still remembered Nan Ningxin now and then.

Nan Ningxin shed tears when she heard his question. “I did everything I could, but Prince Zi’s body…”

“Are you sure it’s a problem with his body? You never really entered his heart.”

“No! It’s all because of that garbage. All this is because of her. Prince Zi was already…”

“You came to me at the beginning, and I gave you a chance. Is this the best you can do?”

Nan Ningxin clenched her fists. “Give me another chance.”

“Whatever it takes, you can’t let them be together.”

“Rest assured, even if you didn’t ask, I won’t let them be together. Prince Zi definitely feels guilty toward me even if he doesn’t love me.”

“Ask Feng Qingtian to marry you. Don’t delay it anymore.”

The more things were delayed, the more Feng Qingtian would discover, and the more dangerous Gu Bailu would become.

He couldn’t repeat the same mistake from his previous life.

“Got it.”

“Let me warn you again: Do not hurt Gu Bailu. If you hurt her, you’ll only make Feng Qingtian even more protective of her.”

Gloom flashed in Nan Ningxin’s eyes. That’s only because you care for Gu Bailu.

“Who is she, exactly? Why do you care for her so much, too?”

Nan Ningxin found it odd.

Why was Gu Yunjing defending Gu Bailu? Was he really trying to build the garbage into a god?

He had better things to do.

“You don’t need to know.”

Then, Gu Yunjing blinked and disappeared, not giving Nan Ningxin a chance to question him.