273 Don“t Assume that I Have a Good Temper

“It’s just an item with some spiritual energy. I would’ve gotten it if you hadn’t stopped me.”

Feng Qingtian smiled. “You’re very confident.”

“It’s just an item. I don’t know why you’re so scared of it.”

She had seen too many such items while she was practicing her arts.

“We’ve talked enough. I’m going out. Let’s continue the dual cultivation tonight.” Gu Bailu pushed him away and left in a hurry.

Feng Qingtian stared at her back thoughtfully, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Gu Bailu knew that Gu Yunjing certainly wanted to find her, too.

So she went to the store.

The store, which had a flourishing business a few days ago, had few customers today. The manager and the sales clerks were all idle.

Naturally, the store across the street was just as deserted.

The smart ladies knew not to get involved in the competition between Miss Murong and Prince Zi’s woman.

As a result, the business of other clothes stores went up.

Gu Bailu scratched her head. That wasn’t a good sign.

She had obtained the second prince’s store to earn money.

With the Murong family’s support, Nan Ningxin had much more capital than she did.

She should tell the Murong family what Nan Ningxin did.

Right now, however, her Heavenly Eye could only see the pasts of people with little spiritual power.

She wouldn’t be able to convince the Murong family.

Thinking for a moment, Gu Bailu realized that she had to sell something.

What was most profitable?

Gu Bailu slapped the table. “The things from Prince Zi’s house, of course!”

Although the two stores were fighting each other, the clothes which she had brought from Prince Zi’s sold out.

Everybody knew that she was Prince Zi’s woman. It would be a waste if she didn’t make use of that.

“Manager, take down all the clothes and close the store. We’ll reopen in two days.”

The manager almost passed out. “Boss, isn’t that too rash? There will be customers after a couple of days.”

It was the best clothes store in Pale Emperor City. How could it be closed so easily?

It had only been three days since he was hired as the manager.

“It’s alright. Just let them sell their clothes if they want. Let’s sell something else.”

Nan Ningxin was obviously doing it to piss her off, but Gu Bailu’s purpose was to make money.

She had to sell something that Nan Ningxin couldn’t duplicate.

She couldn’t use anything modern, because Nan Ningxin would definitely copy her.

To please Gu Bailu and her parents, Nan Ningxin had learned many things back then.

Gu Bailu already had an idea about what to sell.

Having no choice, the manager could only ask the sales clerks to close the store.

An hour later, there was a giant bronze lock on the store’s entrance.

The manager of the store across the street gloated. “You’ve closed already? Miss Gu is truly different.”

Gu Bailu slapped him in the face. “You know that my temper isn’t good, don’t you?”

The manager held his face. “It’s humiliating for our lady to compete with a vixen like you.”