272 Could the Night Lotus Be Wrong?

Feng Qingtian was stunned, and touched Gu Bailu’s forehead where a peach blossom had appeared, making her even more charming.

She didn’t have it before.

“Has the peach blossom appeared again? It might be a mark of the Heavenly Eye.”

She didn’t know why the peach blossom existed, or why it sometimes disappeared.

It showed up once when her Heavenly Eye opened last time, and again after her level-up.

Feng Qingtian touched the peach blossom in silence, and once again felt that it was familiar.

He couldn’t help but kiss her forehead.

Something flashed in his head.

“My king, what is that ghost wearing?”

“Human beings call it a flower hairpin. Do you like it?”

“It looks beautiful. Human beings are fun.”

“Silly girl.” He put his hand on her forehead, and a fresh peach blossom appeared.

“Wow, this will be my unique image in the future.”

“You are already unique as my woman. This is my mark for you.”

“If I get lost in the future, you can find me with this mark.”

“I won’t lose you.”

Gu Bailu stared at Feng Qingtian, who seemed to be stupefied by the mark on her forehead.

“Hey, Prince Zi! Get a hold of yourself!”

How bold of him to be absent-minded in front of her. Wasn’t he scared that she would stab him?

Feng Qingtian looked at her. “Lulu, did we really not know each other?”

Gu Bailu frowned. “You’ve asked this many times. I really don’t know you.”

Before, she thought that it might have been his pickup line, but why was he still asking it now?

“The peach blossom on your forehead looks like something my friend had.” Feng Qingtian became gloomy.

Nan Ningxin had the Night Lotus, but she never mentioned anything about the peach blossom.

He knew that the scene in his head earlier was part of his past memories.

They were supposed to be about Nan Ningxin, but why did he always recall them when he was with Gu Bailu?

An idea popped into his head.

Could the Night Lotus be wrong?

If that was the case, everything would make sense.

However, how could the Night Lotus be wrong?

“Your friend? Does she have the Heavenly Eye, too?” Gu Bailu asked curiously.

Feng Qingtian asked her, “What do you think the reason might be if somebody had a mark in the past life but doesn’t have it in this one?”

Gu Bailu was confused. “The body is different after reincarnation. Naturally, the previous characteristics disappear.”

“Is that so?”

Although Gu Bailu was right, Feng Qingtian already had doubts, even though he knew that he shouldn’t suspect the Night Lotus or Nan Ningxin.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Everything that had happened was too abnormal.

“Lulu, why did you challenge the Night Lotus?”

It was too dangerous, even for him.

However, Gu Bailu had been determined to seize the Night Lotus back then.

Gu Bailu pouted. “Your love’s life would’ve been at my mercy if I had it, and you would have to listen to me, too.”

“Why were you so sure that you could conquer it? Don’t you know how dangerous the Night Lotus is?”