271 What“s on Your Forehead?

In the study, Feng Qingtian asked Qin Shou, “How did your investigation go?”

“My lord, most of the experts who disappeared in the past century, such as the old masters of the Imperial Residence and the Earthly Residence, were cultivating in seclusion and never came out.”

“None of them went missing mysteriously?”

“There was one. He wasn’t a top expert, but a celebrity back then. He was the princess’s mother’s great-grandfather.”

“Give me his file.”

Feng Qingtian wouldn’t let go of anything which concerned Gu Bailu.

The old man obviously cherished Gu Bailu and was highly protective of her.

Qin Shou handed over the intelligence he had found. “Southern Glory Empire might’ve been wiped out if he hadn’t defeated the enemy forces, and with only a hundred people. However, he disappeared after receiving his rewards.”

Feng Qingtian read the file carefully. “Even the Gu family doesn’t know where he went?”

“No. The emperor back then searched for ten years, to no avail.”

“Did anyone disappear together with him?”

“Yes. His two bodyguards, one male and one female, also vanished.”

Feng Qingtian thought for a moment. “Find out how he defeated the enemy forces.”

“My lord, it might be tricky. Many people wanted to know how he did it when he had little spiritual power, but they never found the answer.”

“Was it possible that it was somebody else who crushed the enemy forces?”

“That is unknown. However, it’s true that he got strong after the incident. Some people doubted his abilities and personally challenged him; they all died.”

Feng Qingtian said casually, “He must’ve been hiding his strength. Or maybe, he experienced a fortuitous event.”

He was almost certain that this person was still alive.

However, it remained a mystery why he had kept away.

If he was training in seclusion, he wouldn’t have brought his bodyguards.

“Do you suspect this old man is the one?” Qin Shou asked.

“With little spiritual power, he still resisted many experts. Who does that remind you of?” Feng Qingtian looked at him casually.

Qin Shou said without any hesitation, “The princess.”

Didn’t the princess defeat many experts without any spiritual power?

She had even thrashed Ye Jinchen, the principal of Cloud Mirror Academy.

“Feng Qingtian… Feng Qingtian…” someone shouted excitedly. Qin Shou shivered. Speak of the devil.

He had just been about to say something about the princess, and she already showed up.

Feng Qingtian sat upright as someone ran toward him in delight. “Feng Qingtian! The dual cultivation worked! I’ve advanced!”

Gu Bailu pulled his arm in delight.

Feng Qingtian was the only one she could talk to about what they did.

Feng Qingtian kissed her forehead and glanced at Qin Shou.

Qin Shou withdrew hesitantly.

He didn’t want to. It was rare that the princess approached his lord so readily. He wanted to know what it was about.

Dual cultivation?

His lord didn’t need to dual cultivate. Why had he done it?

“I didn’t lie to you about the efficiency of dual cultivation, did I? However, I didn’t expect you to improve so quickly after a night… What’s that on your forehead?”