270 The Improved Heavenly Eye

Ah Luo kicked the two of them. “Which of you did it?”

Gu Bailu got back to her feet. She was about to say that accidentally spilling oil on the ground wasn’t a big thing, when she saw a surprising scene.

“That garbage wants to stay in Prince Zi’s house? Any girl in the house is better than her.”

“That’s right. She just captivated our lord with her evil sorcery. We must unveil her.”

“She’s pregnant now. How can our lord give her up?”

“Is she really pregnant?”

“She must be. The chief doctor was invited for her nausea.”

“Are we really going to let her become our mistress? I feel sick just thinking about it.”

“No, we can’t.”

“Let’s get rid of the baby. She’s a piece of garbage, after all. It’s perfectly normal that she won’t be able to save her baby.”

“Are we really going to do that? It’s the lord’s baby. The lord will definitely investigate…”

“Would the lord still appreciate her if she can’t have the baby?”

“That’s right. It’s possible that the lord will kill her in rage. Let’s come up with a plan. We can’t let her become our mistress.”

Ten or so girls were discussing the matter in a room, until one of them made a decision in the end.

Thus, they had come up with this scheme.

They spilled oil in places that she would certainly pass through, hoping that she would fall and miscarry.

Gu Bailu looked at them in delight. “Did you spill the oil on purpose to kill my unborn baby?”

The maids looked at her as if she were a ghost. “How… how did you know?”

“You did spill the oil on purpose? You discussed it and didn’t want me to become your mistress?” Gu Bailu shook them excitedly. “Tell me!”

The maids were stunned. Was she a lunatic?

She had been set up and could’ve lost her baby, and while Gu Bailu wasn’t pregnant, she was ecstatic.

Ah Luo kicked them in their faces. “The lady asked you a question.”

“Please forgive us. We were only being stupid.”

The maids trembled. Did someone tell the garbage about their plan?

“Hahaha. I was right. You tried to set me up. Great!” Laughing delightedly, she turned around and left.

Ah Luo chased after her. “My lady, are we letting them go just like that?”

In her eyes, whoever hurt her lady should be killed.

However, her lady seemed very happy after the incident.

Did her lady like being set up now?

“It’s alright. There are plenty of people watching over us. Someone will deal with them.” Gu Bailu ran back in delight.

“My lady, why are you so happy?”

“Haha, Ah Luo. I’ve opened my Heavenly Eye!”

Dual cultivation indeed helped. After one night, her Heavenly Eye had really opened, allowing her to see through what other people had done in the past.

Ah Luo blinked at Gu Bailu. “Why are you happy about that, my lady? You’ve always had the Heavenly Eye.”

Gu Bailu touched her head. Ah Luo had always thought her omnipotent.

It wasn’t strange for her to say that.

Ignoring her, Gu Bailu skipped to the study.