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Gu Bailu smiled brilliantly in Feng Qingtian’s arms. “It seems that you do love me, Qingqing.”

Feng Qingtian covered her head. “It’s dangerous here. Why are you here?”

“Somebody is hiding in the dark. Who were you fighting?”

Whoever could fight Feng Qingtian for so long had to be quite strong.

“Somebody boring.”

Feng Qingtian was about to enter the house with her, when someone shouted, “Prince Zi, are you fleeing?”

The voice obviously belonged to a woman, one who was strong and hated Feng Qingtian.

The enemy of an enemy was a friend.

Gu Bailu stopped and said with a fake smile, “Prince Zi, is she your former lover?”

Feng Qingtian pinched her ear. “I don’t even know her name.”

“And a total stranger comes to your house looking for trouble with you?” Gu Bailu looked back.

A woman was standing ten meters away. Her face was covered, but she was clearly strong.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Gu Bailu asked kindly.

If Feng Qingtian went inside, he wouldn’t talk to the woman again.

She didn’t believe that there wasn’t a story behind this.

“Prince Zi, one of us will die today. Answer for my sister’s life!” The woman jumped forward.

She charged at Gu Bailu, as if she knew that she was Feng Qingtian’s weakness.

Gu Bailu hid behind Feng Qingtian. “Prince Zi, don’t involve me in your affairs.”

Feng Qingtian grew cold and diverted the red aura launched by the woman.

He was about to enter the house again, when Gu Bailu pulled at him. “Say something to her. She’s already here.”

Feng Qingtian touched her face. “I said I don’t know her.”

He had killed more people than he could count on the battlefield.

If he talked to everyone who sought to take revenge on him, he would never have a moment of peace.

“So just clear things up. It may be a misunderstanding…”

“There’s no need. She’ll be taken care of later.”

If he hadn’t been fast enough to carry Gu Bailu away, she might’ve been hurt when she ran out just now.

For that, the woman couldn’t stay alive.

He would spare no one who dared to harm Gu Bailu.

“I want to know what you did to her sister… You seem to be killing her to keep her mouth shut.”

“Then I’ll capture her alive. You can ask her in person.” Feng Qingtian brought her into the house.

There was a barrier around the house that stopped any intruders.

Gu Bailu saw the hate in the woman’s eyes and realized that she would come back again.

She sighed. It certainly wasn’t easy to be the woman behind such a man.

“Why are you sighing?” Feng Qingtian touched her head.

“Nothing. Let go of me. I can walk.”

“I like hugging you.”

“Then you’ll be exhausted after I put on some weight.” Gu Bailu was lost for words.

“I’ll exercise with you every day. You won’t get fat.”


So, Feng Qingtian could talk dirty, too?

By the time Gu Bailu returned to her cottage, Ah Luo was already up.

Feng Qingtian left after escorting her back.

Ah Luo cried. “My lady, I thought I would never see you again. Those bad guys tried to steal your token, but I stopped them…”