262 I’m Scared That You Might Get Hur

“The lord is fighting an enemy. You better not distract him, princess.” Ye Ying feared that Gu Bailu would join the party.

After accompanying her for a long time, Ye Ying knew Gu Bailu’s personality quite well.

She would never miss out on anything fun.

However, this certainly wasn’t something she should join in on.

The lord would certainly be distracted if she went out.

Gu Bailu chuckled. “I won’t. I don’t want to get killed.”

The guy must be a super expert since Feng Qingtian couldn’t finish him instantly. She didn’t plan on accidentally getting hurt.

Gu Bailu ran back to her pink cottage and was about to watch from the roof, when she saw Qin Shou walking out of her room.

“Qin Shou!” Gu Bailu rushed to him. “Where’s Ah Luo?”

“Ah Luo was injured. She’s fine now, but still a little weak…” Gu Bailu was already barging into the room before he could finish.

Looking at Ah Luo on the bed, Gu Bailu was relieved. Ah Luo was fine!

She examined Ah Luo and realized that she was indeed weak. So, she simply let her sleep, and climbed the roof to watch the battle instead.

The battle was certainly a shocking one.

The place seemed to have been hit by an atomic bomb. There were no buildings left standing around Prince Zi’s house.

Most of the trees had fallen. From the roof, she could even see a furrow in the ground that was as wide as the length of her arm.

A battle of experts was as powerful as an 8.0 earthquake.

It seemed that Feng Qingtian had truly held back in the Murong house last time.

Hehe… Was it because he hadn’t dared unleash his strength in front of his love?

Gu Bailu shook her head. How Feng Qingtian treated Nan Ningxin was none of her concern.

There was a sudden quake, and Gu Bailu nearly fell off the roof.

“Thank god I grabbed hold quickly. It’s wrong to involve other people in your battle!” Gu Bailu patted her chest in fear.

She leapt off the roof of the cottage.

Ye Ying chased after her, but Gu Bailu was already out of the house.

“Princess, you can’t go there!”

Didn’t she say that she wouldn’t get herself killed?

Ye Ying was worn out. If anything should happen to the princess, her lord would cut her into pieces.

Gu Bailu didn’t intend to get herself killed. She went out because she had seen the black, savage aura around the people fighting.

Feng Qingtian couldn’t die yet. She needed him to get the Sky Splitting Mirror for her.

He was probably the only one who could get the piece of the Sky Splitting Mirror that was in Nan Ningxin’s hands.

“Stop fighting! Someone is taking advantage of you!” Gu Bailu summoned Chen Yi and rode to the battlefield.

“You’re bossing me around again,” Chen Yi said in anger.

“Attaboy. I’ll give you meat tonight.”

“Do you think I’m that silly girl who cares for nothing but food?”

“Hehe… Don’t complain, because it’s useless and you have to do it anyway.” Gu Bailu combed his bear fur.

“Gu Bailu, what are you doing here? Go back.”

Before she reached the battlefield, someone pulled Gu Bailu into his arms and went back to the house.

Gu Bailu grinned. “Qingqing, are you running away because you can’t win?”

“I’m scared that you might get hurt.”

Feng Qingtian grabbed her tightly, worry in his slanted and beautiful eyes.

He was scared that she might get hurt?

More like he was scared that he wouldn’t have anybody to sleep with at night.