261 Why Are You So Excited?

Gu Bailu sniffed. Feng Qingtian, let’s see how much you love me!

Seeing that Feng Qingtian had come after her, Gu Bailu tossed out a new teleportation rune and sprinted into the portal.

Thanks to her master’s enlightenment, she didn’t get the destination wrong.

However, it wasn’t far.

She appeared in the backyard of the house, next to the hot spring from when she had visited the first time.

The trees had shed their leaves, and the hot spring was very clean.

She didn’t want to stay in Prince Zi’s house, but she realized that it was enclosed by a barrier.

The most important thing for her right now was to improve herself.

Gu Bailu sat down next to the hot spring. Closing her eyes, she sensed the air currents surging around her.

She then realized what a great spot this place was. No wonder she sensed plenty of energy the moment she closed her eyes.

It was a good place for cultivation.

Gu Bailu sat down and cultivated the Heavenly Eye.

Feng Qingtian lost track of her. He asked the guard, “Where is the princess?”

“She’s in the backyard, and seems to be cultivating.”

Feng Qingtian waved and let him leave.

Gu Bailu hadn’t lied. She really was cultivating.

Fine. He didn’t need her to lift the curse. Somebody else could help him.

Did she really think that he couldn’t do anything about the curse?

Feng Qingtian walked out of the house. He met Qin Shou, Ah Luo, and two polar bears at the gate.

Feng Qingtian frowned. Why were there two bears?

Seeing his face, Qin Shou hurried to say, “My lord, they’ll be great company for Xuan Yan.”

Feng Qingtian naturally recognized that one of them was Yin Neng, who was contracted to Gu Bailu.

It was impossible to refuse them.

“Ask someone to bring them to the princess.”

“My lord, let me bring them to the princess, in case she’s angry that Ah Luo suffered.”

Miss Gu had become the princess after only a few days.

Although Qin Shou had seen this day coming, he hadn’t expected it to be so fast.

The main reason Qin Shou served Feng Qingtian was because he was smart.

“Send them to their rooms. Don’t disturb the princess’s training.” Feng Qingtian got into a carriage.

He was about to take a nap, but he suddenly flew out.

He drew his sword and slashed toward the southeast. A shadow rose, blocking his attack.

The streets cracked under the collision.

Thankfully, nobody lived around Prince Zi’s house, or they might’ve become victims.

Gu Bailu opened her eyes. What was going on?

An earthquake?

She saw that the trees were shaking and that the air currents were twisted out of shape.

Something also collapsed far away. Gu Bailu started to run.

Was there really an earthquake?

Ye Ying, however, stopped her halfway. “Princess, it’s dangerous outside. You can’t go out.”

“What’s going on?” Gu Bailu was somewhat excited.

Somebody was causing trouble in Prince Zi’s house!

How audacious! She liked it!

Ye Ying’s expressionless face almost cracked. Why are you so excited, princess?