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Semi-Soul Fragrance was a unique and powerful love potion of Ronghua Tower.

2As an ingredient for Semi-Soul Fragrance, the flowers had an even more direct effect.

Even an expert would barely be able to resist it, to say nothing of a loser.

As they ran, Gu Bailu felt her body grow hotter and hotter, and she started seeing illusions.

2Images of men and women doing it popped into her head.

The porn that she had secretly watched before played in her mind.

Damn it. The flowers were a love potion. Could it get any more dangerous?

“Ah Luo, are you alright?”

It wasn’t a big deal if she was the one who was suffering. She only hoped that Ah Luo was fine.

Ah Luo shook her head. “I’m fine, my lady. Why are you so hot?”

Gu Bailu was relieved. “Ah Luo, how long will it take for you to bring us to Mr. Xiao?”

Mr. Xiao was the man who had saved them in the cave. If they hadn’t met him, they wouldn’t have survived the poisonous gas inside the cave.

As a skilled doctor, he could certainly neutralize the poison.

“My lady, the cave is far away. It’ll take at least a day.”

“No, I’ll be dead in a day.”

She couldn’t hold on for that long. This poison was even more powerful than when she had been drugged the first time. She wouldn’t last the night.

“My lady, I’ll bring you to a doctor.”

“That’s not necessary. No one will help me.”

The people of Ronghua Tower had to be aware of her condition, and wouldn’t allow any doctor to treat her.

She knew a thing or two about medicine, but she could barely stand on her feet now, much less prepare the herbs.

Ah Luo was almost in tears. “I don’t want you to die, my lady. I’ll kill them if they don’t do anything.”

“You… you silly thing, I won’t die. I just need a man.”

God must have felt sorry for her, for having never touched a man in her previous life. That was why she had been given such a privilege in this life.

4“A man? I’ll steal one for you. Just wait, my lady.”

1“Ah Luo, I don’t like ugly, fat or old men. Choose a good-looking one with a great body…”

1“Alright, my lady, I’ll bring you to him.”

Ah Luo embraced her and flew north.

Gu Bailu gripped her head in pain. Speaking of good-looking men, she couldn’t see anything but Feng Qingtian’s face.

Following the face were the muscles and that attractive body.

No! No! Gu Bailu abruptly dismissed the notion.

She couldn’t go to Feng Qingtian. He was waiting on her right now. She couldn’t slap her own face.

It would be more troublesome if they slept together again. She didn’t plan on becoming his slave.

She couldn’t go to him!

1Her body got even hotter, and all she wanted to do was push the man down.

Hold on. Gu Bailu, you have to hold on. That man doesn’t have a heart. Even a random beggar would be better than him.

Despite the warning from her sense of reason, her head was at war with her body.

The face that appeared before her was so impeccable, and the furrowed eyebrows were so fascinating.

It was still Feng Qingtian.

The poison was too powerful. Even an illusion felt so real!

“What are you doing?” Feng Qingtian was enjoying wine on the couch when the door was kicked open. The relaxed atmosphere disappeared.

Looking at the handsome man, Ah Luo said, “My lady says that she needs a handsome man.”

5A good-looking man with a great body. Well, she had found one.