257 Am I One Step Too Late?

She couldn’t tell Gu Yunjing that she was sleeping with Feng Qingtian as part of an agreement…

Besides, it didn’t change the root of the issue; nobody wanted their love to have sex with another man.

Gu Yunjing’s heart was dealt a severe blow.

Were the things he did not enough? Feng Qingtian had still gotten her first.

Feng Qingtian dragged Gu Bailu out. He didn’t like how affectionately Gu Yunjing looked at her.

Gu Yunjing’s claim that he appreciated Gu Bailu’s talents definitely weren’t true.

Feng Qingtian had lost most of his memories after his multiple reincarnations, but he remembered Gu Yunjing.

It wasn’t because he knew the guy at the beginning, but because he ran into the guy in every life of his.

He knew Gu Yunjing to be someone unusual. They must’ve known each other before. The man had even found Nan Ningxin earlier than he did.

Also, Gu Yunjing never reincarnated, and always maintained his charming appearance, along with the fake Heavenly Palace Cliff, as if he were waiting for someone.

Feng Qingtian held Gu Bailu tightly, fearing that she might be taken away.

Gu Yunjing had obviously come for her.

For her, Gu Yunjing had even fought the Nether Land.

Feng Qingtian was curious about who Gu Bailu was and why she was so attractive to Gu Yunjing.

Gu Bailu looked at Gu Yunjing in apology, wondering why he had degraded himself by coming down to the world today.

He had even changed his pink clothes.

It was said that Shao Di had barely left Heavenly Palace Cliff in the past 150 years.

Few civilians recognized him.

“Wait, she’s a disciple of Cloud Mirror Academy. I’m bringing her back.” Gu Yunjing stopped in front of Feng Qingtian and Gu Bailu.

He looked solemn, but was quite bitter. Could he only use that as an excuse?

Cloud Mirror Academy?

Who was the guy?

Everybody whispered to each other.

“I’m told that Shao Di personally invited her to Cloud Mirror Academy.”

“Wasn’t she expelled?”

“Did Shao Di send someone to bring her back?”

“Why does the man look like Shao Di himself?”

“It’s impossible for Shao Di to come and bring her back in person.”

Shao Di had never touched any woman in the past 150 years, and was dedicated to cultivation.

He was totally unlike Prince Zi, who abandoned Miss Murong the moment he had a woman that he could approach.

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Didn’t you know that I was expelled by Cloud Mirror Academy?”

Gu Yunjing didn’t know who was so bold to kick her out.

His eyes glinted with ruthlessness. “Who dared to expel my people? Come back with me. I’ll make things right for you.”

A woman backed off as if she was going to faint. She shouted in disbelief, “It’s really Shao Di!”

She couldn’t have been any more jealous!

What was so unique about Gu Bailu, that made both Shao Di and Prince Zi like her?

Despite her pretty face, she didn’t have any spiritual power. She didn’t deserve both men at all.