256 Announcing Ownership

“To burn the clothes you send, of course.”


Why did the voice sound familiar?

She turned around, only to see a familiar face. Her eyes widened. “Why… why are you here?”

Wasn’t Shao Di supposed to be a mysterious existence?

Also, didn’t you say that you love me? And you’re defending Nan Ningxin after only several days?

“I meant to come, but I was delayed by something. I was told that you wanted them.” Gu Yunjing touched her head with a smile.

He had heard Gu Bailu’s claim that Prince Zi would buy the clothes for her when he came from Heavenly Palace Cliff just now.

Anything Feng Qingtian could buy, so could he.

“You can tell me if you want anything in the future.” Gu Yunjing was amused by her surprise.

“So, you’re really offering these clothes to me?” Gu Bailu was back to herself.

“Yes. You can burn them or sell them at a low price. Do you want to get rid of them at half the price?” Gu Yunjing asked.

He felt great seeing her again after a few days.

Gu Bailu blinked. “Well… It was only a joke…”

It was just meant to put Feng Qingtian in a dilemma. Why did you suddenly buy all the clothes?

Also, Gu Yunjing didn’t seem aware of the relationship between her and Feng Qingtian.

How should she explain it to him?

After all, he had solemnly confessed his love for her before.

She scratched the back of her head.

“I’ve bought them for you.” Gu Yunjing told the manager, “Send them over.”

The manager couldn’t have looked more awful. Wasn’t the man supposed to be helping his boss?

The bystanders were stunned, too. Where was this gorgeous man from?

Why was the garbage so popular?

He spent a fortune on the clothes, just so that Miss Gu could play with them?

The bystanders were truly jealous!

Gu Bailu frowned. “I can’t accept them.”

“Why not?” Gu Yunjing asked patiently.

“I haven’t done anything for you.”

With the thing between her and Feng Qingtian, she certainly didn’t want to get Gu Yunjing involved.

There was no reason to accept his gifts.

“I don’t need you to do anything for me.” Gu Yunjing didn’t like her being polite.

She hadn’t hesitated to take his dragon meat or divine fruit before.

“Because she does not need gifts from another man.” A tall man all in black walked in with a cold voice and pulled Gu Bailu to his side.

Wrapping one hand around her hip, he announced his ownership. Gu Yunjing was surprised. “What do you mean, Prince Zi?”

“She’s my woman.” Feng Qingtian’s voice was even colder. He held Gu Bailu even more tightly.

What a scoundrel of a woman, to meet up with both Wang Dachong and Gu Yunjing when she was out.

He should lock her in a barrier and prevent her from seeing any other men.

Gu Yunjing looked at Gu Bailu and blinked, as if he had been betrayed.

Gu Bailu smiled in embarrassment.

It was really hard to explain.

She had sworn to Gu Yunjing before that Feng Qingtian was her nemesis, and yet she was together with him now and couldn’t argue with what he said.