255 The Gorgeous Man Who Defended Her

Did Nan Ningxin have a secret admirer?

She had just said that Prince Zi would buy them for her, and somebody had done the same.

“A most gorgeous man?” Gu Bailu was upset that Nan Ningxin had enticed another man.

However, could there be a man more handsome than Feng Qingtian and Gu Yunjing?

She’d like to meet him.

Gu Bailu tried to squeeze into the crowd, but failed.

All the women were standing on tiptoe at the entrance.

“I’ve never seen a man as gorgeous as Prince Zi before!”

“Why is he buying so many clothes?”

“For Miss Murong, of course. Didn’t Prince Zi’s woman say that Prince Zi would buy all the clothes? He’s just helping Miss Murong…”

“That explains a lot. No man can refuse Miss Murong.”

“Prince Zi wouldn’t have been stolen away at all if Miss Murong could approach him.”


Gu Bailu felt wronged. She hadn’t meant to steal Prince Zi at all.

“Excuse me…” Gu Bailu tried to move forward.

She was determined to find out who the man was.

“Miss Gu is here.” The noble ladies made way for her unwillingly.

“What can she do, except warm Prince Zi’s bed?”

“She must be up to something again.”

“The gorgeous man is certainly here to help Miss Murong. It’s going to be fun.”

“It would be even more interesting if Prince Zi were here.”

Gu Bailu heard the whispers on her way in.

Hehe… She used to be a piece of garbage that everyone stepped on, but she was now a bully that could take advantage of other people.

Gu Bailu entered the store, only to see the back of a tall and elegant man.

He was certainly extraordinary among Nan Ningxin’s admirers.

However, that wasn’t strange, since even Feng Qingtian was one of them.

Gu Bailu was bummed by how strong her opponent was.

“Mister, all your orders have been packed. Where do you want them delivered?” The manager smiled as if he had reaped gold.

This customer was helping his boss.

His boss was too beautiful a woman to be taken advantage of by random people.

Someone was here for her.

“Send them to the store across the street.” The man had a low and pleasant voice.

Gu Bailu frowned. He was indeed here for Nan Ningxin. He asked them to deliver his clothes to her store!

This was public provocation!

If he dared to do so, she would light a fire and burn all the clothes.

Gu Bailu turned around and shouted to her manager, “Prepare wood and fire!”

The bystanders were stunned. Was she planning to burn Miss Murong’s store?

That was rather blatant.

“Why are you preparing wood and fire?” the man suddenly approached her from behind and asked.