254 Nan Ningxin“s Admirer

“There’s no need to be hasty. Just let her have her day for now,” Nan Ningxin said maliciously.

When her spiritual power advanced, she would be able to dual cultivate with Feng Qingtian.

Although they couldn’t touch each other, dual cultivation was still possible at a certain distance between them.

It didn’t matter that Feng Qingtian didn’t like her. As long as he felt sorry toward her, she could pull his heart back.

Anything could happen during dual cultivation. She would have many chances to approach Feng Qingtian when his spiritual power dropped.

Shao Di was right. No tricks could compare with sex.

That was the most primitive instinct of human beings.

Feng Qingtian’s confession had overwhelmed her, but she was back to herself now.

That garbage wasn’t qualified to be Princess Zi.

No matter how much Feng Qingtian liked her, she would only be a concubine at best.

Nan Ningxin, on the other hand, was destined to be Princess Zi.

“My lady, why don’t you just kill her? She’s a disaster if she’s left alive.” The maid was confused.

“She will live forever in Qingtian’s heart if she’s dead. She can’t die until Qingtian hates her.”

Besides, death wasn’t the end, but the beginning of a new life; she knew that too well, after so many lives.

Feng Qingtian truly loved the garbage. He wouldn’t live if she died.

His love was so crazy, persistent, passionate and astounding, making all bystanders envy her.

She used to be one of the bystanders, but never again!

So, Gu Bailu couldn’t die until Feng Qingtian was disgusted by her.

“The plan worked out well, but why didn’t the Earthly Residence stop the reporter?” asked the maid.

“Because somebody offered a higher price.”

Nan Ningxin narrowed her eyes. If she were the leader of the Murong family, she would have given Shao Zun enough money to make sure of his loyalty.

However, who was it that had sabotaged her plan?

“Does anyone else know of our plan?”

“You really think that people of the Earthly Residence are trustworthy? They only care about money.”

She should’ve counted on those people instead of the Earthly Residence. Those people were the most reliable.

It seemed that she needed to contact them again.

Gu Bailu wasn’t joking when she said she would ask Feng Qingtian to buy the clothes for her.

She was ready to return to the house and find Feng Qingtian, when she noticed that the store across the street was jam-packed with people.

The noble ladies that just left had come back again.

“What happened?” Gu Bailu asked in surprise.

One of the sales clerks asked around in a hurry. He soon returned. “My lady, the most gorgeous man came to the store and bought all the clothes in it…”

Gu Bailu’s eyes widened. Who was stealing her thunder?