251 The Princess Ran Off

Feng Qingtian went to the pink cottage, but Gu Bailu was gone.

“Where’s the princess?” Feng Qingtian demanded.

A guard replied respectfully, “The princess left the house. Rest assured, my lord. We’ve sent people to protect her.”

Feng Qingtian was of a mind to tie Gu Bailu up and beat her.

She had run off again the moment he wasn’t paying attention.

Gu Bailu wasn’t a great fan of running, but she had to come out today.

Wang Dachong only needed one more procedure to be cured.

He was her treasury. She couldn’t give up on him.

The current leader of the Wang family had been killed by Feng Qingtian. Wang Dachong needed to fight for the position.

Most of the people of the leader’s bloodline had been killed or captured by Feng Qingtian.

Wang Dachong was the youngest descendant of the bloodline.

He was also the most capable one in the younger generation. Although he couldn’t leave his bed, he had reached the level of Master.

Wang Dachong was only eighteen years old.

His future was nothing but promising.

Gu Bailu slipped into the Wang house.

Of course, she couldn’t go through the front gate, or Feng Qingtian might go crazy again.

She snuck in through the back door, since the Wang family was poorly guarded now.

Most of the servants had left.

“Hey, Fatty Wang, I’m here again.” Gu Bailu kicked Fatty Wang’s quilt.

The man sat up in fear. “Why… why… why are you here again?”

He was both delighted and shocked.

His father and mother had both been punished after the incident.

“It’s the last procedure. You’ll be fine after it’s done. I see that you can sit up now.”

“You… you still dare to work on me?” Fatty Wang couldn’t believe it.

“Why not? After you become the leader of the family, don’t forget our agreement.”

“Of… of course I won’t…”

“Alright! Lie down. Let’s make it fast, or the guy may come again.”

Gu Bailu took out a string of needles.

Wang Dachong lay on the bed obediently. He knew that Gu Bailu could really cure him.

In the last two days, his body had gotten much healthier. He could even sit up on the bed now.

Although he was as fat as before, he seemed much better than before.

He didn’t have a lot of feelings for the Wang family.

Because of his extraordinary talent, people had been jealous of him.

His mother was an unappreciated concubine who was unable to protect him. So, he was poisoned as a child and could only lie on the bed.

To please his father, his mother tried to find a woman to carry his baby, because she believed that her grandchildren would also have great talent.

Then, she would be able to rise higher.

However, the woman she found actually had a venereal disease.